Understanding Weapon Damage

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Does anyone know for sure what the Damage meter on the weapons info indicates?
Is Damage measured pr. shot or in DPS?
Can it be used at all to help you choose between different weapons?

A question I’m currently pondering is whether to make any use of my newly acquired 5* N16.
My go-to loadout has so far been (experimental) KVM 59, PVG 90 and a Kpist for backup in my inventory. I tried switching the Kpist for the N16 for a while, but it just doesn’t feel right. The Kpist is more precise, faster both at firing and operating, and it even has a higher Damage indicated. Machines seem to go down faster indeed with the Kpist. Are they saying the 9x19 mm round really does more damage than the 5,56x45 mm? Or does it mean something else?
In another comparison, the AG4 does more damage (I assume pr. shot) than the KVM 59. It’s not realistic, but completely fair in terms of balancing gameplay. BUT, with the 5,56 weapons it’s the opposite. The KVM 89 has a higher damage than the N15 and the AG5. Why?
I’m not saying the weapons need to be re-balanced, but the indicators sure are confusing…

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