Unexpected GZ Update - 25/04/2023 (Xbox)

Any word on what this evening’s update on Xbox was about?

The last I read / heard, there wasn’t an update in the foreseeable future, next thing there’s an update on my Series X.

Dare I launch it? :wink:

I’m guessing it’s an update to the underlying Microsoft GDK which just had a major update, but it would be nice to know.

We got it on the old XB1 as well, no idea here either

Is there any patch log?
Do you feel any difference? Less crashes, more stability?

I played half an hour, no difference than I can see as of yet. Should have some time for a more detailed look this morning.

Unfortunately there are no patch notes and the “file info” doesn’t give any clues.

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Can you bring some light into the dark?

Heyo! I’m still gathering the details, but essentially it was a hotfix to improve stability and performance in some specific cases!


Well I can say this much, I was called away for a couple of hours and when I got back the game was still up and running on my original XB1, which was a huge surprise. Normally the game crashes when I’m afk and is sitting at the dashboard when I return, though I will admit I am not sure if that was just dumb luck or due to some improvements in the code.

Thanks for putting in the time to ask around Carni, much appreciated!

I’m having issues with this update. I quite literally cannot update GZ. When I hit cancel update it Uninstalled the game and now I cannor re-install it. Everytime I try Xbox tells me installation stopped.

Is there any system update you’re missing?
Just a guess.

Are you in the Xbox Insider programme? I’m having issues with some updates on the current Skip Ahead Alpha build of the OS, but GZ was fine. Usually just restarting the console fixes it, though there’s a new console OS update this evening rolling out to Insiders.

Also, cancelling an update will generally remove a game as the downloads often aren’t incremental patches, but full fresh installs of updated versions, hence the large file-sizes. The pop-up notification does warn you if this the case when you try to cancel.

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No, not on insider. And here we are several months later. Still cannot instal the base game. I can install all the dlcs, just not the base game.