Unexpected matchmaking flaw - Repeatedly connecting to the same host after being kicked by that host

Hi team,
something odd happened to me today when trying to join a multiplayer game (PC).

I click on multiplayer, and find a host. He’s playing alone.
He kicks me out immediately.

At this point I think “I’ll retry, and if the host is the same person, I’ll ask him to set his multiplayer parameter to invitation only, so that I can join someone else”.

So I retry, and after about ten tries, and being kicked out immediately ten times, I can finally type “please set to invit only” and “you’re blocking the line”. To which he answers “get lost” and kicks me again.

I kept trying, hoping that maybe I’d finally join a different host, but I kept joining the same session, and kept being kicked even before loading the map. After about fifteen more tries, the weirdest conversation happened. It went something like this.

Me : “please set to invitation only on your multiplayer parameters”
Player : “why should I ?”
Me : “it’s fine if you don’t want to play with me, but the matchmaking system will keep making me join you”
Player : “then start you own multiplayer session”
Me : “my game is 100% completed”
Player : “so is mine. Good game then.”

Instead of blocking my multiplayer option by kicking me again and again, he chose to block it by letting me roam in his map that had no challenge left, and in which he would not interact with me in any way.

After two minutes roaming around, I teleported to the only place that had something unique to see : the resistance base. He probably concluded that I wanted to ruin it, and kicked me.

Then I tried finding a host again, and finally found a different one.


A random sociopath can block another player from using the multiplayer option, by using the “anyone can join” setting, and kicking whoever joins.

It would make sense to find a different host after a player is kicked.

Not only would it prevent the very unpleasant situation I experienced, but it would also help players who kicked a malevolent guest (like those who only join to hunt rivals for experimental weapons), but would like him to be replaced by someone else.

Adding a blacklist would be nice too, some players ruin the experience.

Thank you for reading, great game, played it day one on PS4, and really enjoying the multiplayer on PC.


Improvements to this has been asked for since release. I don’t think the dev team has enough resources to fix it tbh.

Probably should not make a game with “seamless multiplayer” as a feature listed then.

A lot of things have been asked for since release and a lot of it never comes.

Things that are almost needed for a game. Like good inv, balanced weapons, good MP system.

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In such case changing language often helps.

Not always. There were cases, where I could join same host on three different sets of languages, difficulties and other variables.
Just list of hosts ould be good, like it is with The Hunter (same developer, same game engine). It was even proposed before here.

That sounds painful and rage-inducing.

Not quite.

Hunter was developed by Expansive World’s not Systemic Reaction.

Either way they are both under Avalanche so some Mechanics borrowing should not be a stretch. Not to mention they share 1/3 of eachothers weapons.

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A valic concern, the multiplayer aspects need improving. For the sake of privacy I’ve edited the main post since we don’t support outing players here on the forums.


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thank you
fair enough for the editing

Happened for me on Ps4. Joining a mp session and get kicked out. And when I try to join a new session I always ended up in the same one and got kicked out.

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Privet. I don’t know why this is happening with you. In the settings I specify: the minimum number of players is 1 - always!!! If the server is not selected the first time, then I change the language alternately and everything works. Last time I played multiplayer 01.01.22. PS4 PRO.

Can we get a response from the Dev team as far as, this is something they are looking into for a fix or it can’t be fixed? Or, continue to deal with this match making system.

It would be nice to know one way or the other. Some days I would like to join a public co-op game of GZ but when I can’t due to the limits of match maker I drop GZ for another game. Playing with the same friends gets old and I don’t like joining a public game with players using all types of mods.

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