Unification of Ammunition and other lead throwing apparatus

Here are a few suggestions I would like to see discussed and/or implemented in regards to ammunition and weapons.

Unification of 9mm ammo. Currently in game there are two different 9mm rounds. Handgun and SMG. This is rather nonsensical as the point of a SMG is to use pistol rounds. making us carry around two different (or 4 if you count the variants of 9mm) ammo boxes for the two weapons doesn’t make any practical sense.

Standardization of drops. So i’ve noticed that sometimes i’ll kill a hunter and it drops 70ish 7.62mm rounds, the next hunter drops 3. I’ve also noticed that when i have closes to a complete box of shotgun shells of buck or bird, loot containers stop having 4-12 and drop 1 at most. This kind of behavior of drops is only really explained by a system throttling back ammo drops to make “every bullet count”. Much like with adrenaline I think it should be a player decision on if they do want to carry around 1000 rounds of buckshot at the cost of most of their inventory space. The only other reason I can think for this behavior is because there aren’t many items in game and even fewer meaningful things to stockpile.

Another related suggestion is buffing the rocket launcher and .50BMG weapons. For being anit-armor type weapons they fail miserably in that task. Many people have pointed out how the best use for the .50 is destroying beacons from distance because they can’t kill anything else. The rockets are in a similar position in my opinion. Both of these weapons don’t do what is expected of them by under performing heavily.

On the subject of weapons, can we get a few more in every category or some meaningful difference between them? Currently we have 3 handguns, 2 SMG, 2 hunting rifles, 3 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 “heavy weapons”. While a good baseline, there isn’t much distinguishing between everything in the categories. For example between the handguns, .44 isn’t damaging enough to be of much use in my opinion, and the difference between the .32 and 9mm if what do you have more ammo for. Also there is an ugly lens flair on the .32 5 crown pistol that make is nearly impossible to aim at night due to tritium sights.

TLDR: 9mm should not be broken into handgun and SMG since it’s the same round. Looting should be consistent box to box and robot to robot. Please make the .50 not a joke, and the rocket launcher feel more impactful. Can we get some more diversity in weapon selection or at the very least something to distinguish what we already have.