Unique Glasses Locations / Coordinates Please?

Ok, I have a decent chunk of unexpected free time today. I would really love to use it to find the 3 unique glasses sets that @AliasDJA and others mentioned to me.

I know the moustache glasses are outside of Bunker 666, that the spiral / hypnosis glasses are at a ruined tower in the Mountains region, and that the heart shaped glasses are in some sort of romantic grotto, but I have no specific idea of where these places actually are.

Can someone please provide me with map coordinates for these 3 locations?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Search the forums. They all are listed here.


I tried. I swear.

I found descriptions but no coordinates.


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  1. Open Forum Search.
  2. Type in the keyword: heart shaped glasses.
  3. Pick the “Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects” topic.
  4. Scroll down, past my posts where i asked where they are.
  5. Read what myzy posted.

Same goes with another set of glasses;

  1. Open Forum Search.
  2. Type in the keyword: bunker 666
  3. Pick the “Bunker 666 (my thoughts and video)” topic.
  4. Scroll down, to read where bunker 666 is located.

For the 3rd one, i’ll give you a clue: It’s near Beredskapsförråd 116.



Thank you. Appreciate it.

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See, forum search works just fine. :wink:


Did someone not give you the coords? :crazy_face:

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Yes, it all worked out very well!



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My brain never made the connection between “glasses” and “apparel that gives new visual effects” or whatever, I just thought that was a feature someone was suggesting / hoping to be added into the game at some point.

Glasses acquired, Danke Schoen!

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Based on above reply, the topic is concluded and i’ll lock it.