Unkillable Apocalypse class

Platform: PC

Description: Emptied around 40 rounds from the Experimental PVG into an Apocalypse Hunter, without killing it. All the while it continuously spawned Ticks as it ran. After a short while, it crashed out the game.

Steps To Reproduce: Randomly occurs while fighting Apocalypse class enemies.

Images / Videos: Invincible Apocalypse Hunter and crash - YouTube

Host or Client: Solo Game

Players in your game: One player (Myself)

Specifications: PC Specs: Ryzen 9 3900x CPU, 128GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, 850w Gold+ PSU, Gigabyte B450m DS3H Motherboard. Game is installed on a 2tb SSD that is less than half full.

This can happen to every type of machine. I had this happening even to prototype runners (invincibility, not ticks spawning :wink: ).

How many fnix bases do you currently have on your map?

I think this issues is a result of a buffer overflow (software). Over the years there have always been reports of the gnomes and that you’re able to produce them by bringing the game almost to crash through making as much destruction and effects as possible.

This never worked for me on PS5, but since New Dawn Update I was able to produce gnomes some times. Although the game seemed to be far away from crashing, it’s important to mention.

One symptome of having gnomes in the game (and therefore being short before a crash) is that you cannot interact with specific doors, nearby loot-containers, cars,… You’re even not able to destroy more cars, gas tanks,…

This buffer could be overflown by the many calculations needed for all the machines and bases and battles between soviets and fnix. Your apoc hunter could also be affected by this.

Now the question is: are the infinite ticks a symptome or a triggering bug?

As the reports of the infinite ticks seem to be new since New Dawn Update, which added a taser-effect to the ticks, maybe this is the reason. Too many effects at once, the code for selfdestruction of ticks stops working correct (like above described: no more destruction possible in some cases), even more ticks spawn and that finally results into a crash.

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Actually, that makes sense. I hadn’t thought about that one. In my mind I just assumed that since the bases were not in render at the time, they were not using resources. But I guess that makes sense that they would still have to be “alive” since they can tier up, same as the rivals continuing to walk around the map even when no player is rendering them.

I’ll log in now and go wipe out all the existing bases, and see if that reduces the crashes. Thank you for pointing that out to me!

Maybe you are on to something, because I destroyed only 2 FNIX outposts, and that was way before the New Dawn update… so basically I have all outposts at tier 3, except 2 in the Farmlands, that are unoccupied at the moment, and the longer I played after the New Dawn update the worse it got.

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Ok, so when I started my quest to clear out some FNIX bases and Rivals, I had 11 FNIX bases and 33 rivals on the map.

It felt like every time I destroyed one base, another popped up, but I have it down to 4 FNIX bases active and 25 rivals. There have still been some crashes, but it is definitely an improvement. So I just have to make sure I am focusing on keeping those bases down as much as possible.

Aye, this could be a reason why my friend crashes on her game a lot. When she joins me, she hardly crashed (only the most annoying crashes after a reaper was killed though) making either one of us rage quit because we spent awhile killing it, just to crash and not loot the body afterwards.

I’ve also noticed when you set the difficulty to raise for every new player entering, this also causes game lag on the host, as now every mob that was on the map, is supposed to be scaled up in damage, and it seems it doesn’t happen immediately, only when you enter that region they scale up, which causes intermediate lag for a short duration.

As for the infinite ticks issue, I’ve not seen that happen yet as I don’t allow but one FNIX base to get to tier 3 before I go to destroy it, and rivals once they reach tier 4, i go and kill them off immediately, and allow another tier 3 to reach tier 4, so that is how I farm them.

I rarely crash, but when I do, I can be sitting at a control point building, or a safe spot, and it’ll just crash out of nowhere. I will have maybe 2 rivals on my map, and no FNIX base in sight anywhere. I don’t let the maps build up with rivals, as soon as they hit tier 4, I drop everything I’m doing and go and kill it, then go back to what I was doing previously. That’s probably why I don’t lag very often when I’m actually roaming the map and leveling up rivals to kill, as I’m always culling the robots to keep my map clean of FNIX bases and tier 4 rivals.

But once I sit still for a long period of time, they build up pretty fast, and I’ll lag out, relog, come back and the bases are a lot further than what was previously reported. So I honestly believe some of the lag is due to the map not updating fast enough too when the FNIX bases upgrade, or a rival gets stronger.