Unkillable machines

Unkillable robots:

im not an expert on guns but please tell me if a rusty old pistol using .32 ammo can pierce thick armor meant for war like on giant machines?
so basically im suggesting some guns cant kill some machines.


.32 ammo guns 1c can normally kill: runners, proto - military ticks - proto - fnix.
Seekers proto - military
they can do decreased damage to: proto hunter, fnix runner, weakest class of lynx (idk class name) apoc tick, fnix seeker.
heavily decreased damage to: military hunter, proto harvester, apoc runner.
no damage to: everything else

So basically if every gun and level of quality affects what it hurts. Some would do 0 damage to armor but little to components. Like a 1c pump against a tank idk.

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I don’t think this is necessary. A 1* Moller already does essentially no damage to Military machines and above. Don’t see a reason to make garbage weapons even worse. Making some weapons in some qualities do no damage to some machines in some classes would just be an unnecessary complication.

lf weapon damage was totally realistic, 1c weapons would be just as powerful as their 5c counterparts and the RPG and Carl Gustaf would one shot everything.

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Feeling it myself, I just got wrecked by a level 3 rival and I was using 7.62 and .50.

Almost killed it I think, then it evolved to level 4. I actually thought I’d killed it but there was no loot and it disappeared.

Also not sure how the evolve mechanics work. Can it evolve while you’re fighting it and effectively reset?

So, some already feel unkillable.

Yes they can, but they don’t reset.


I’m not sure if I actually see any problems with the current damage model. I do think it would be fun if they increased the difference between damage types. For example, make hollow point rounds do much more damage to components than they already do, and make them do even less damage against armor. Vice versa for armor piercing rounds. Full metal jacket rounds already do okay damage to both, but I say just make them do less damage than either AR or HP (less than they already do, just equally to both components and armor). Just to increase the differences between them all.

No need to make machines unkillable. It works well as it is now. But bigger difference with types of ammo could be nice.

And if you shoot with a soft lead BB-gun bullet on an armor plate it will bounce away. But if you shoot enough bullets you will pierce an armor plate even with BBs. It will take a long time but sooner or later you will have a hole.


LOL no.

We shoot jacketed pistol ammo at our 3/8” AR500 steel plates at close range and it takes many thousands of hits before we discard them for new ones.

Even then the plates aren’t pierced, they might have some surface erosion and warp a bit (warped plates can cause ricochet issues) but thats about it.

The OP is right, there are some weapons in the game that should do 0 damage to hardened targets like Tanks and Harvesters.

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this is basically what im saying that these machines shouldnt get so easily killed by weak ammo and guns

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Absolutely Moldyaco, and it wouldn’t wreck the game play either. You would use the big guns for the big guys and the small guns for the small guys.

“Right tool for the right job” and all that.

Heck, they already have a mechanic for removing armour plate, the heavy weapons could be used to strip the armour and then you could do real damage with a 9mm subgun on the delicate stiff.

Apparently the design team didn’t invite the gun nerds to the party, which is why we have an Algstudsare (moose bouncer rifle) chambered in a cartridge inappropriate for Moose. They could have chambered in in 375 H&H Mag, but they picked the 270 Win?

I don’t get it.

i think they arent using real life guns for some reason idk much about what they are and arent using

Anything I can see says .270 will work fine on moose.

Teh Alg was a rifle taken from Hunter: COTW. I’d assume they at least did some research on proper cartridges.

A common cartridge in Sweden for hunting moose is 6,5x55. That’s 0.256. So the 0.270 would work just fine for killing those animals. I have a gun chambered for that cartridge myself and it has taken down about a 100 moose over the years by it’s previous owner. I don’t hunt moose myself.