Unknown item in inventory

After the patch I got an unknown item in my inventory. Unlike the rest of the items that drop, this one looks like its just an icon. Its a white crosshair with a dot in the middle and it has the same light blue background of a 3 star item.

What is this thing? I have tried attaching it to all my weapons and it wont work. I have tried attaching to scopes and or acog and it seems to not do anything. When I click on it, I just get the descriptionf the last weapon I clicked.

Does anyone know what it is?

Just about everyone gets that bug item. I think it is a specific weapon you pick up in a specific location but i could be wrong about that. So yeah just throw it away :slight_smile:

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I take it that’s from Secret Cargo? Where you have to find the convoy on the road west of Backbol? As @Hagelbocken said, everybody gets that bugged mod when they pick up the Good Automatgevar 4 from next to the dead soldier. Judging from the icon, we all assume it was supposed to be a scope. :slight_smile:


Yes that is exactly where I got it.
I will be getting rid of it then. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something important to a mission later on. Seeing as how I got it during a mission.

Thanks All.

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Not very helpful was that ?