Unknown Source of Lag

Platform: PC, Steam

Description: So i just started playing and after 16hrs of gameplay my framerate took a massive permanent drop, usually i was playing at around 70-to-80 fps, but after that my fps took a massive hit and is now permanently stuck at 30-fps or lower. this is permanent even after a full redownload of the game
keep in mind i was running at 80fps before with ultra graphics settings while afterward i was getting low fps even with all the settings turned down to low
alongside this the issue appears to be a issue with the game itself as even when loading a new worldsave with a new character the lag still continues

Steps To Reproduce: at the time of gameplay i had explored the archipelago and all the farmlands half of the forest and part of the marshlands, i had 8 rivals on the map, 7 in the farmlands and 1 in the forest
i had just completed the “marden” bunker mission i then logged off for the day and relogged back at the location in the picture (its just northeast of Ostervik)

Images / Videos:

(When in map mode my Fps does go up but even then before i was getting 100 fps in the map mode compared to 50fps now)

Host or Client: all the events transpired occured clientside

Players in your game: just me

Specifications: Katana GF66 Gaming Laptop, 3050ti Nvidia graphics card, Intel I7 11th gen CPU, 16gs of Ram

Additional Comments: I ran CCleaner and windows security on my pc to see if it was an external issue however this was not the case as my pc was clean and up to date.
the game does not appear to be consuming more ram or gpu resources then normal.
i did recently buy all the dlcs, but i doubt that would have an effect they automatically via steam when i redownloaded the game.
i would have liked to post my worldsave and playersave data along with this post however im not shure where to find them with the steam version of the game as all the guides for getting them are for the avalanche launcher and not the steam version

This may sound silly but when in the Nvidia game optimization can you try to select GZ and optimize it, then launch it as a test from there?
Then see if something improved.

Also have you tried launching GZ while no Wifi was connected? This could give some info on, if the issue is related to client/server save files.

Idk why but Gen Zero is not in my Geforce center for some reason and its unable to find it even when given the apps exact location

i have also launched it without internet and it didn’t work to help at all

i have however managed to find my savegame file atleast

I am sorry this didnt help you resolve the issue.
But if you make progress please add specifics to this thread

i think im a dumbass, it was my msi center, i must of accidentally turned it to battery boost mode
the game is smooth now but i thank you for your help

Good then this thread can be closed.

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We’ll leave this report open in case others have similar issues.
Glad to hear it was resolved, @Archon :slight_smile: