Unlock every skill exploit!

I randomly came across this player, I do believe he has found an exploit!! Unless he’s the only player with level cap of 100 or more, since he’s been able to unlock every single skill in the game!
So could you please look into this asap, for your own sake!


He’s probably using some kind of cheat mod.

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I’m guessing simple memory manipulation to increase the amount of skill points available.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see more of it, now that it’s exposed. There are quiet a few people who don’t like the level cap at all.

There are cheat mods out there that will give you all kinds of buffs in GZ. If people want to use them, that’s up to them. This isn’t a PVP or competitive game, so they only people they’re cheating is themselves by turning on easy mode. This is hardly a game-breaking thing that requires the devs’ attention.

If you don’t like people using exploits in your game, you can easily kick them. Problem solved.

These cheats have been available since the beta. It’s not like it’s something new.

His/Her lack of love for the level cap aside, it shows the player is only at level 10 despite having all skills unlocked. Must be an exploit. Some people like challenges in game, others apparently like to challenge themselves to finding ways to cheat the game… another reason why I abhor playing battle royal or PvP focused games.

@PhoenicianSon - Read my reply above. There are several of these cheats available for GZ that will give you all kinds of boosts and buffs. Personally I don’t use them, but they’re out there.