Unlockable safehouses outside playable area

From General discussion, there has been a revelation about an island that has safehouses. The island or the safehouses should not be reachable, but are with trickery.

Platform: PC

Description: There is an island that has safehouse markers outside of the currently playable island. It’s not accessible by regular means, but still after unlocking becomes easy to access. So far only 2 safehouses on the island have been found. Coordinates of safehouse1 - [2600, -588], safehouse2 - [3720, 107].

Steps To Reproduce: This was done with the game’s currently overpowering explosions. 1 air tank and a couple of gas tanks doesn’t kill the person, but does small damage and then launches the player in a direction. The flying force is very large and enables players to access even the furthest of islands with enough preperation.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo session

Players in your game: None

Specifications: Not neccesary, but for ref - GTX 970, i7 4GHz, 16Ggb RAM

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Can be deleted, since previous topic was moved and now one of these is unnecessary.

All solved :broom:

It’s possible this area was accidentally left in from development. A thread about this was recently locked, because it’s not encouraged to travel there as it can be considered an exploit. It’s outside of game bounds and it’s unfinished, so it may cause glitches and bugs and even mess up your save.

If you do want to explore anyway… Well, be subtle about it at least.