Unorthodox Skiing trophy - more time needed for PS4/consoles

I’d love to see more time given to complete the Unorthodox Skiing achievement for those of us on PS4 and maybe other consoles that have a lag. The longer I play the game in one sitting, the worse the lag gets. And I play daily. It makes it impossible to get the trophy for this one. :frowning:

Mmh, I finished it on first try.
Well, on PS5.

Did you try to make this achievement with a motorbike instead? I wonder if it works. :thinking:

If you’re finding it too difficult, just place a Field Radio at the finish line, start the race on a bike, then immediately fast travel to the finish line and walk through to win. Even with lag you should hopefully have ample time.

(This video was taken after I already finished the mission, but this was the method I used in my successful run)

:rofl: not bad.
So you can finish the race without a bicycle.
Nevertheless, can you start it with a motorbike, too?

I can only say from PC side, this trophy was confusing at start. But trick is not to wait mission to start.
Get bicycle, go above starting point. Pedal trough the mission start point with bicycle and continue all the way to end. There should be enough time to complete.


I think the problem is, that he has to correct his route too often because of lags. Maybe he falls more often off of the bicycles due to them. In this case, time is too rare.

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I’ve tried this as well and for some reason it still doesn’t allow me to get there in time. The clock disappears when it spawns me at the finish line, I cross it and then the notification comes up to tell me I didn’t finish in time. I’ll keep trying.

Nope. No falling and trying to get the straightest route in order to save time. I’ve even tried getting a running start from farther back before crossing the starting point in order to gain speed. No luck.

I keep looking for ways to accomplish the Unorthodox Skiing trophy and have yet to do it. I have tried all the suggestions and none work. I’ve done the running start, straightest line, emptied my inventory, etc. The problem is, as I have watched some successful videos, that my bike never goes as fast. I am consistently topping out about 10km/hr slower, even in the fastest portions. I have no idea how many times I have tried and even on “perfect” runs I still am short by about 4 seconds.

they must have fixed it because its not working for me either i only came here because i didn’t understand where to get the achievement i do now

Just got this thought, only theory. Someone should actually try this.
Haven’t tried, and when i did this mission there was only bicycles in games. You could try use moped, which should go 50km/h speed. Or even if you have Motorcycle DLC, use one of those.
I would suspect that only trigger to mission is player itself, not the object used to accomplish it.

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