Unplayable on login

Platform: Xbox1s

Description: I was testing out new update and farming for resistance gear. Prompt pop-up said I had lost multiplayer online functions and would be returned to title. On return to title I clicked (a) online login. As normal to begin game. Other option is switch accounts. Game now just attempts the login infinitely. I shut off the box rebooted to a different account and the same thing happened.

Steps To Reproduce: just logging in

Images / Videos:. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/494857316626202637/1223227731819499550/846c37c9-985d-4789-9892-76bf75ee11c7.png?ex=66191699&is=6606a199&hm=e4de3617696005c5e55d06c68f048bec37a313a60aaa1c57efa4bd8fbb58e8be&

Host or Client: I was host

Players in your game: locked session

Specifications Xbox 1 S

Ok so this was caused by the game failing to sync. Reinstall corrected it. Issue resolved :+1:

Glad things worked out for you! Issue resolved, Thread Closed.//