Unreachable containers

Platform: PC

Description: Brief summary of the issue, insure to include specifics such as coordinates, quest names, enemies etc…

Steps To Reproduce: Go to the house in Mörtnäs and on the top floor there is a container under a bed and another under a night stand that are unreachable.

Images / Videos: 2019-03-26%2017_03_13-Generation%20Zero

Host or Client: Playing solo.

Players in your game: Just me.

Specifications: PC, Windows 10, GTX 1080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, i/-7700K

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Doesn’t seem to be just this house, I’ve had issues accessing ANY containers under beds.

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Well, those were the ones I had found at the time.

My guess is the hitbox for these objects blocks the access or something.

Platform : PS4
Issue: Unreachable container
Location: Hunter’s house, second floor bedroom
Host/client: Both solo, client and host
Hardware: PS4 PRO