Unreachable Medkits

Platform: PC

Description: Nothing major, but… Seeing as Standard Medkits are rare in the early game, I figured this was worth reporting. Two of them are unreachable in the opened truck at Saltvallen IP.

Steps To Reproduce: Visit Saltvallen IP, climb into the opened truck with blood in it.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo session

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I was just about to report the same bug :wink:


Generation%20Zero_20200328105455 [quote=“0L0, post:2, topic:24042, full:true”]
I was just about to report the same bug :wink:

Hmm … There was no problem collecting these two Medkits

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Good for you, but since neither I nor @0L0 were able to, I think it still needs correcting.