Update 12/4/19 patch notes?

It’s probably the alpine unrest hot fix but I wanted to know were I could find the patch notes so I can see if a few bugs I’m having issues with have been fixed

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Yes, I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find today’s update notes on what they fixed on and what bugs they issued on.

Side note: they did not fix Unorthodox Skiing side mission that can’t able to identify as failed mission because countdown ran out of time and still stuck with it. The achievement for first mission, Not Alone doesn’t unlock achievement.

The developer asked me to post this in this thread to get everyone aware of this issues.

Hey guys! :wave:

The update yesterday was console only and it basically contained 1 fix, addressing the issue where some players would not get the Alpine Unrest missions.

Here’s a screenshot from our facebook page:


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Ok, thank you! Hopefully, next patch would fix bugs and issues like mine and others especially Unorthodox Skiing side mission and achievements doesn’t pop up

I thought the Trophies/achievements were already fixed :open_mouth:
Just finished the Not alone mission and no Trophie
Oh well… getting used to this :sweat_smile: already have the Platinum though, so it`s not that annoying.
Hope they fix this!

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Thought the same thing but that isn’t the case here. It only fix dlc mission to start for people who couldn’t start the dlc at all even though they paid the dlc.

I have a same issue with dlc that it did not unlock an achievement for complete Not Alone mission

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Yeh i understood that, but i created a Poll,and although not many voted, practically everyone(on different platforms) has all dlc achievements or some, it might be a bug related to users save data, none of the achievements pop in, so it must be a bug related to some people save data, i´m going to try the mission with a fresh new game start to see if it´s a general random bug or if it`s something with my save. (which is strange because i only played multiplayer once and have the game since 19th October).

That’s funny, I first started this game on October 19th, too.

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Funny indeed :grinning: