Update idea: active resistance

Note this idea comes form the failure that was my NATO idea So be warned if their is overlap with the idea in some way.s

ACTIVE Resistance

You are not alone, and it is time to show it, the resistance and the Sweish military are coming up and bringing the pain.

New features include the ability to arm safe houses with sniper outposts, call in MRLS support, and a slew of new tactical equipment ranging from flashbangs that reset the robots search system and flare guns, to the Automatgevar 5 /w m203.


The story for this update starts once you have accessed all bunkers, The TVs will come to life with a notice that the military has arrived and supplies will start being airdropped in at set locations.

the first quest has you heading to one of those locations where you will find a few resistance members guarded by several runners with the resistance marks painted on them as they distribute food, medication, and ammo.

The human NPCs are in a church a sniper in the tower (which is blocked off), as you get there and go for the supplies several FNIX class hunters will approach forcing you to defend the church.

IT should be noted the sniper in the tower will inform of them giving you some time to set up traps. From here you defend the church from a few waves with sniper support and allied runners as a constant (always 2 runners)

Once complete the leader of this group will ask you to come inside as they need to talk.

From here you are sent on quests to help the resistance take back ground, This unlocks the ability to upgrade outposts, depending on what they are some can have robot spawns, others snipers, and others still “bunkers” similar to the base defense ones.

To do so you need to claim an outpost for the resistance which involves heading to it, and using a special jammer which will block the area from FNIX view the problem is the robots know of it and will try to destroy it before it fully activates.

protecting the jammer until it is fully activate gives you the upgraded outpost. Survivors will appear inside with new side quests and requests. and the upgrades will appear for you to buy.

The story will see you linking up with larger resistance pods, and reclaiming several MRLS stations for the military, where in a final climax you destory a facility producing harvestors with MRLS fire, resistance bots at your side and heavy allied support.



These require you to do the jammer missions on the safe houses and not all safe houses can have them. that said once done you will get survivors in the place and a small blue area on the map that robots will avoid at all costs.

All bunkers can be upgraded with this but unlike other places they just act as an area to see human NPCs in the form of the miltiary who will send out tanks and hacked runners to help fight.

Upgrade examples

SNIPER TOWER: Armed with hunting rifles these snipers will defend a wide area around the tower, thankfully they are not reliant on you for ammo, but be warned explosive armed bots can damage the tower requiring wood and medical supplies to repair and heal the sniper.

Pill boxes: Several Pill boxes are placed around the entrances (unique to bunkers), these have soldiers aremd with Ag5s who will open fire on robots, though they will lock down their pill box if tank bots show up.

Barter market: Trade scraps for other scraps weapons for other weapons. Who knows maybe you will find something useful.

First aid station: Free healing so long as you are in the Safe house. spawns 4 standard first aid kits ever so often.

MRLS platform(story related unique): rain hell with this multi rocket launcher armed with EMP and HE explosives. Sure it takes a while to reload but a fully volley is enough to destroy even the largest of tank bots (In the story you have to activate 3 of these they are used in the final mission of this story to devastate a harvester production facility.)

*RUNNER REPROGRAMMING Station (Story related the first jammed outpost gets one for free): produces resistance runners out of scrap metal, fuel cells, and small battery packs. you can have one following you at any time. Once these are built you may even run into resistance bots fighting soviet and FNIX bots on the field.


resistance RUNNER

The most common none player Ally you will get though they are rarely seen in more then groups of 4. These are always a Miltiary grade one in looks with resistance symbols painted on them, though their weapons maybe different. Loadouts include, SMG, flamethrower, and rocket launcher.


a tick with an EMP bomb on its back, dropped by resistance hunters.

Resistance hunter

Extremely rare only seen in story missions or large combat pieces in the wild. These are armed with the shoulder mounted rocket launcher, twin machine guns (lacks melee arm), and a tick pod. there is only one variant and this is unlocked and found via story stuff.

Swedish robot tank

A centurion tank modified with new robotic tech, manned by a 2 man remote crew using FNIX tech, these things are armed with a 105MM main cannon and a .30cal MG, along with that do to not having a crew its internals have been messed with and it can deploy resistance runners and ticks from the rear a max of 2 runners and 4 ticks active at a time per tank.


along with new allies comes new enemies, the soviets are moving forward and FNIX is adapting to you.


A FNIX airborn drone, comes in two forms combat and scout. both fly high and fast above you scout using thermal sensors to locate you and direct its host to your locations, the combat will try to dive bomb you. Both form are deployed by a new class of hunter.

Assault Hunter

A new class of hunter designed to deal with the resistance, armed with twin machine guns, and heavy armor this one is slower then any other hunter but it can take a beating. On top of that it replaces the normal tick pods with a small catipult system loaded with Buzzards, comes in two forms recon and demolition. demo has Explosive rounds, recon has radioactive.


A new russian class, their version of the hunter the spider is a micro wolf, armed with a front mounted .50 cal machine gun and a crawler bay (there version of ticks).

weapon load outs
weak: 2x 7.62 MG front facing
moderate: .50 cal MG front facing
strong: rpg-7 rocket launcher 2x SMG


BAsed on the ticks the crawler is a small 8 legged robot used by the soviets, normally deployed by spiders they have also been seen deployed via dispersion pods. these come in two types, incindiary and EMP. thankfully these seem to be designed to deal with FNIX robots not the resistance though the resistance is still a target.



Normally used by specialized forces the flash bangs are normally not seen as a direct combat tool. But that was before a spec ops team scouting found out that a sudden bright flash resets the robots tracking sensors.

function: changes robots alert level to calm after they are hit.

10g Flare gun

A single shot flare gun this tool is first given to the player in the first supply box, like all weapons it has qualities from rusted to brand new bright red plastic. The flare gun has two ways of use, direct fire which will do minor fire damage and heavy component damage or it can be fired into the air where it will distract robots for 15 seconds after a 4 second delay.

AG5 /w GL

A rather unique weapon that comes with the swedish military when they arrive half way though the story, this version has 3 fire modes, semi, full, and GL. in GL it swaps to a single shot unslung 40mm m203 grenade launcher. unlike other weapons it has 2 ammo type loads for this reason.


900 rounds per minute of pain, to bad it only has a 100 round box. This and other LMGs would be given a bipod to allow them easier use when prone this is a barrel mod though.

This is a nice concept! I’d play this

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Yes some npcs to help combat robots would be great and resistance robots god yes long live the resistance

got bored have a mission idea.


The resistance has the plans for the miltiary runners, the problem is they don’t have a supply of them outside of scrapped ones other members have taken out. You have been tasked to Fix this problem.

Mission starts with you talking to an engineer who is working on one of the resistance runners form the church fight, he mentions how they really need numbers to get things going and they just don’t have the supply. Sure you can bring scraps to safe houses like this to get one or two built but what they really need is a mass of them they can reprogram.

This leads you to the story for getting the allied robots in random combat events, to do this you are sent to the location of the military runner plans, where a mass of the robots where shipped.

From there you have to secure the place and turn it into a safe zone, so that members can take over. To do this you need to get supplies from a nearby base build a makeshift wall and gate, then head off to power up a nearby substation. (so that the members can arrive)

After that they will start teaching you about the jammers and how they work. two of the resistance members can be seen moving to pill boxes and readying at this point the guy tells you to set up mines and other defenses even pointing to a crate that has 15 mines in it.

Once the defenses are set up he will move to the back and instruct you over radio on activating the jammer. This is a simple process (hold A like all other activation) once done it will start the process of cloaking the area from FNIX networks.

this takes time and gets the robots attention, from here you must fight with the two resistance gunners and any friends you have defending the bunker from 4 waves of robots with an apoc tank coming in at the last wave just as the Jammer activates, resulting in it being EMPed and powered down.

Once the jammer is activates all robots in the area will be EMPed and will not power back up allowing for easy kills. the engineer will meet you inside once the waves are defeated.

There he will thank you in form you that these jammers can be set up at any safe house if you have the supplies (50 steel, a medium battery EMP, a medium com array lure, and a field radio. they use a reskinned beacons with resistance markings on them.

From here allied runners will start spawning on the map in random packs and attacking FNIX robots.

IT should be noted that soviet robots are not effected by the jammers so watch out.

After this quest is completed you are asked to check back in on teh church and the story moves on as said church now has a jammer and slowly is gaining a civilian population.

Note, if you have the basic resistance DLC and haven’t completed it the next mission can not be started until you do so as the artillery cannon will attack the church missing do to the jammer. You are tasked to link up with the southern group then. IF you do not have the DLC you will still be attacked by the artillery but there will be an explosion in the distance and your next mission will be to check it out where you find a destroyed lighter version of the artillery.

You have some really good ideas.

But the whole thing about machines for the resistance isn’t as good in my eyes.
There is one great problem:

We are the resistance (against the machines).

We fight them.

Why? Because the machines, constructed by our swedish forces, got captured by a hostile AI. We wanted to be able to defend ourselves against growing dangers and created one of the greatest dangers for ourselves. Then the soviet landfall began. They sent soldiers and machines to help us to defeat fnix.

But it happened again. The AI took control of the machines, killed the human soldiers and started to fight everything. Us included.

Why should we now try to develop new machines for the resistance? Why shouldn’t we have learned from the human mistakes of our past?

The risk is too high that the same will happen again.

Our task is to free humanity from every machine not just from fnix.

Which is why we need them, part of defeating an enemy is knowing it inside and out. Best way to do that is figure out how to counter it jam is and use it against its self.

This is a common in war, when you can use the enemy to defeat the enemy you win. expermentation is needed to do so.

We can’t just shut down the robots with out knowing how they tick and the only way to do that is find a way to get some up and running with out the AI taking over, once that is done you make sure it works test and test then blow things up.

The resistance humans will still be the main force but the robots would be an attrition force.

Did you play the fnix rising dlc?

Only DLC I have played is the one where you destroy the artillery with a truck.

There they already developed an equipment to override the machines AI.

Additionally there already is a skill to hack the machines. I don’t think there is much more to learn.

Ah, thought you meant something else, that is used in this idea as a base for taking over the robots.