Updates,hot fix?

There needs to be more storage like add more lvls such as lvl 10 or just even make a other way to store things.Hot fix for the crash I personally crashed 10-15 every hour.Please fix trying to grind those lvls.ps please add more storage or even a new work table to upgrade the player storage.

You don’t need more storage.
Manage your items, then it’s far enough.
Before the update there were just 200kg space in the plundra and it was enough for the time.

And keep in mind, on the beginning there even was no plundra at all.

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Have 397.998 storage aslo trying to get every gun.I don’t have a lot of stuff just like a 2k of every ammo and 1 of every gun almost.

Storage is sort I kill robots just to kill them because the game that I bought won’t let me have more ammo or even every gun.

Lol, of course there is always need for more storage. In the early days of the game there wasn’t even a Plundra. Only what you could place into the grid based inventory was usable. If you’d run out of storage you had to make room for it.

The Plundra made this way easier and the increase was ample amount. See it as a challenge to clear your inventory and focus on things you want to use.

Btw. I also have 5* of every weapon even those I never use, a lot of spare ammo and medkits, radios, field radios, emp cells, weapon add ons etc. and still have room. And if I hit the limit I get rid of stuff and move on.


Same for me.
I once had 4 of every 5c and 6c (or at least of the best level I had got) weapon and attachment in my plundra so that I had enough for every character.
I now reduced to one complete set, as I just play with one character mostly.

There is many other stuff I have in the storage, but to be true, most of them can be found or crafted. Just my about 70 firework boxes (=70kg) are unique.

See it as part of the game to manage your inventory. That’s nothing special. It isn’t made to store everything.

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I store most of my stuff on a mule character, but I have one of every 5 and 6 crown weapon and at least one of every 5c attachment. In addition to that I have 25 advanced medkits, 5 adrenaline, 5 lockpicks, 5 gnome tics, 5 regular tics, 1 holy hand grenade and 5 firework boxes. That’s more than enough stuff because I always carry with me 2k 7.62 and 200 .50 BMG, my box have just under 100 in weight and that leaves 300 to be filled up with various other stuff like ammo, explosives and EMPs and such. We have more than enough space according to me especially since we can use mules to get unlimited ammo. We can also store ammo in turrets in the home base, there is a lot of ways to store stuff and a larger storage box ain’t necessary.

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That’s one thing I almost forgot.
We can now have 10 bases with 5 bunkers/towers and, please correct me if I’m wrong, 5 first aid stations in each one.

That’s many space for rockets, 7.62, .50 and health kits.

That reminds me of cleaning up my plundra and moving the 10k 7.62 to other places :wink: :+1:


Do you store a lot of trap items, like boom boxes or explosive canisters? Those take up a lot of space, so you can get rid of them to free up some room.

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Not sure where to put this thread. If you’ve got a feature request then #feedback-feature-requests is the place for it, but please keep bugs and issues separate. And look up the numerous reports already available covering crashes and such in #bug-reports.


Basically, I recommend creating 1 or 2 extra characters that you can just use as mules who will carry all the stuff that you don’t have room for in ur PLUNDRA. I only need 1 mule atm cuz I’m pretty good about not hoarding my stuff. I carry about 6 weapons with me, and have one of each weapon and one of each experimental. ( except the Exp Kpist, I cannot seem to find one. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) I have almost all of the 5c weapons too, and a decent amount of ammo, medkits, and misc stuff. AND, I have all the DLCs.

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I have one 4 characters

Don’t even pick that stuff up but it might
because I have 434 rockets and like all the experimental items

Thanks for letting me know the ammo is a big problem in the storage box

I don’t think so.
I don’t hoard ammo in great amounts for each weapon, except my 7.62.

But that all depends on difficulty, skills, used weapons and where/what you are hunting.
For example, if you just hunt fnix hunters and harvesters, you need more 7.62 than you get from loot (in general none from them).

I also store every arrow I find and every HEDP, if I have more than 20 in my backpack. There is also a small amount of 9mm smg and Birdshot. But everything else I can craft, if I need it… And I just take 7.62, arrows, HEDP, .50 and sometimes birdshot from loot.
G79 HE-grenades I just take and store for recycling.

There is plenty of storage with the plundra and the towers. The 7.62 towers can hold 249,999 rounds apiece, the sniper towers can hold 4,000 .50 cal rounds, the rocket ones hold 400 rounds of HEDP, the health trailers hold 100kgs apiece. I have almost every gun and attachment in the game 1c to 5c (6c where available) and it only takes up 300kgs in the plundra.