Upgrade storage box

i am attempting to upgrade my storage box to level 2. i press Y and it shows i have two out of three of the materials i need. adhesive and wood. the third one looks like a cross between aluminum and textiles, but not exactly like either. and i have plenty of both of those, so if it were one of them this wouldnt be an issue. simply listing what the resources are would save the confusion. it says i need 8 of the item, but since i cant identify it, i cant locate it. my game is at a standstill for this stupid reason. can anyone assist please? this is also my first time posting on a chat forum, so i hope i can find this posts and replies later. thanks in advance

I think you are referring to lead if this is the Plundra, where you store weapons.

Thanks for responding. The item is two flat white/Grey sheets , one offset on top of the other. Still sound like lead?

It was lead ! And I’m watching videos on farming it using ammo packs…thank you !!!