Upgrading plunger box storage

Using PS4 controller, how do I deposit required building and crafting supples into the plunder box to increase storage. Somehow I was able to deposit 2 of the 3 items but can’t deposit the 3rd. I believe on a PC they use key (e) and (f).

To Upgrade the Plundra you press Square then press X i think to confirm the upgrade. Havent done it yet myself on the PS4. You just need to make sure you have all required resources in the Recycling station or in your inventory, doesnt matter what it is.

Doesn’t. Work, I go to the resource storage and pick up TUNGSTEN, I go back to the plunder box, I open the box, and because its not a resource storage the tungsten doesn’t show in inventory. I open the lid, hit “upgrade storage” and it shows I already deposited the wood and adhesive. Hit the square, nothing happens

maybe try putting everything in the recycling station and then try upgrading?

What stage are you of the upgrade are you on? I dont recall Tungsten being used.

Maybe that’s a localization problem. Do you play in English, @Moldyaco ?

Nope, i was just wrong. Tungsten is used on last stage, just checked.

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