Urban houses and Barns fairness Issue

I would like houses to be more resistant to explosions and gas like they used to be 1-2 years ago. The decrease in buildings’ resistance made combat and stealth more difficult and unfair in many tactical situations. Here are a few issues I believe make it less fun and fair:

-Majority of machines can shoot through houses, even through many objects in the house with little to no damage falloff. (excluding sniper Hunters and railguns)
-Gas can somehow damage you when it impacts the roof or outside the building. (even in bunkers, hangers, and on top of caves)
-Rocket salvos and motors can damage you severely when they are impacted nearby or on the roof. (This is especially irritating when you are in a 2-floor house and an explosion on the roof somehow knocks you out on the ground floor)
-Safe houses that are positioned in churches and barns are no longer safe as machines can easily knock you out without even entering.

To me, it feels like the houses today are just empty husks that provide no cover unless you are in a prone position at all times, but even that wouldn’t work. This makes the game less fun to fight machines and makes constant respawning more apparent in urban villages, towns, and farms. I have a list of suggestions that can be implemented to make things more fair in combat:

-bulletproof structures with hard materials.(military barracks,churches, townhouses,hangers)
-Increase bullet damage falloff for wooden structures. (farmhouses, urban houses)
-If possible, have objects in the houses provide good cover. (furniture, kitchen, tough objects)
-Have structures and building block gas from damaging player when impacted outside of the building and roof.
-Have explosions be deflected by buildings as they are HE as their shrapnel shouldn’t pen structures. 2-floors high wooden structures should at least defend against the ground floor. (Explosions include: explosive bullets, rockets, motors, grenade launchers, and mine launchers)
-Flamethrowers be blocked by building structures, even the wooden structures.

I used to have so much fun hunkering myself in houses and buildings as an army of machines siege my location being hammered by rockets and artillery, holding my ground, and having fun slowly destroying all the machines, It was even more fun with friends holding out in our mini holdout. Unfortunately, houses now can’t give you that fun experience, and you are forced to fight outside which is quite difficult. I know it is difficult because I have been playing for 3 years. Trying to fight machines without stealth in open areas mostly leads to respawning. (Even stealth can be difficult)

If some of these changes were implemented, this would make the game more forgiving to experienced and, particularly good for newer players who have not yet learned the enemy. In conclusion, buff houses.
I look forward to the responses

P.S: If the suggestion list is too long to implement, perhaps choose a few and divide them for each update or the one I put in Bold text.

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In the two years I’ve been playing it never was different. I read some old patch notes where the devs improved the gas a lot, for example to not damage players inside houses… did that really ever happen? Why did they change it back? Or is it a bug?

I’ve learned that houses are death traps.
That explains why we don’t find living npcs in houses. If they would be safe inside of them, why should they flee?

But besides of that I like your suggestions.

Maybe not all houses should be as safe forever. That would make it too easy to survive in a town. Maybe the houses could have something like a healthbar for protection against outer influences. This healthbar, once it got to Zero, could recover after a few hours ingame.

This could be indicated by a small bar at the foot of the screen, where our health bar is, with an Icon that indicated that we are in a building.

Regarding shots/damage effects that go through the windows (there is no penetration of walls) … Well that’s the risk of being in a house.

Btw I would like to have volumetric gas and smoke like in the next “Counter Strike”.