US N60 (M60) Using 7.62x.39


I stand corrected; the native 7.62 in the game is by .51, only the 76 is out of line.



What? There is no 7.62x39 in Generation Zero. There is only 7.62x51, and the AG4, AI-76, KVM 59 and the N60 all uses the same ammo.
The only ”wrong“ weapon to use this is the AI-76 (AK-47), which uses 7.62x39 in reality.

There is no difference in the ”punch“ of a real life M60, KSP 58 or an MG3 for that matter.


My god, you are correct. Sorry, I assumed that the 7.62 in the game was .39. It’s apparently the other way around.


Umm… looks like you had discussion about ammo somewhere (discord, PMs) and you made this topic to respond/continue that discussion. I don’t see any feedback or feature request in it, so, into the Off-Topic subforum it goes.