Used to feel safe inside a house


… but after the update, not so much anymore. I took shelter inside a house during a fight against a tank, but I’m pretty sure that the bullets from the tank went straight through the walls. That is kind of realistic, I guess, but it change the game a bit :fearful:. I remember us having a discussion about the fairness in a wooden wall being able to stop a machines weapons, but that seems to “have been adjusted”. If it can see you, you are in trouble! Can anyone confirm this?


Never hid from a tank inside a house before but today I hid in one of the green portacabins against 6 runners and about the same number of hunters and the walls kept their bullets and rockets out. Only a tank’s EMP field hurt me. No change I think?


I wonder if it is just the tanks gun that can penetrate walls. It is quite powerful, and it certainly looked like the bullets penetrated the wall underneath the window. I’ll have to see if I can make it happen again.


I’m a House-Hider also - second floor bathroom/bedroom, the one that has no windows - it’s always safe from anything launched at the house aside from gas (so far). I hid in houses today after update and had no problems, but any other room of the house is potentially deadly if it has windows - especially with Tanks or Hunters outside since they’re tall enough to shoot down at you or straight at you even on the second floor.

I hope at least one room stays safe!


From my experience, regular houses make very poor hiding spots. They can be useful for enemies like Runners, but considering Tanks can shoot rocket barrages through door openings and target you through windows with it’s dual .50’s, and Hunters can bombard you with gas grenades they’re not exactly optimal to seek shelter in…


I found the exact same thing playing today. It was other things also; when inside those locked stores I now find that the all splash damage from explosives and the shock-wave goes through the walls, same for being inside hangars and warehouses. It does seem that buildings have lost some aspect of protection. I’ve also found hunters and ticks phasing through barn doors and walls more often too which is weird.


The smallest room I hope. We soft-bodied humans need a place to poop in peace and quiet. Though apparently the poison gas can still be an issue…


From the machines or … :joy:


So apparently houses are not as safe as they used to be. So what about barns? Well, now the runners negotiate the ramp to the first floor without too much trouble. I had six runners ascending the ramp - two I succeeded to down on the ramp while the remaining four decided to keep me company inside the room.

Another thread has kind of indicated, that some of the machines have become docile and are very well behaved while receiving your bullets, but that is not my experience. The runner AI has become significantly better and now they swarm in larger numbers. Not quite that easy anymore.

There seems to be some problems with sound generation from the bigger machines. It sounds like they are standing next to you while they actually are quite a distance away. I’ll post that in a bug report later.


I did have a runner run up a barn ramp at me very early in my game so before the August update. I haven’t seen it since though.


Well yeah I always found a house quite safe against a runner or hunter but when it starts to get explosive they are not much help. And I think that the tanks shoot 50 cal bullets and those would go easily through a wooden wall.


I actually killed all my first tanks and harvesters from houses! The first 5 or so. As long as you duck into the top floor room with no windows (there’s always one) and time it right you can (or could) totally destroy them with enough patience.

Another benefit is that when they bombard the house the electric boxes blow and that in turn destroys all the runners and hunters who are gathered in the front yard.

Yes, you have to stay away from the windows, and stay crouched down, and avoid the first floor, but that’s common sense. :slight_smile:


Okay, I never experienced that they run up a ramp and enter the attic before. They’ve been inside the barn for sure, but only at ground level.


I actually prefer the woods. I feel way more secure in a volley of trees with good brush. I especially hug the tree line going up to towns and houses. Even before ticks it was always awkward coming out of houses and out of no where your face off with a hunter that decided to make its patrol some house to the house your in.


Cor, they do that for a past time - every single time. You have to always close one door at the top of the ramp, which at least channels them…


Now that you mention it, @Bootie … usually I instinctively close one door to get more cover but this time I didn’t! Never break a good habit!


And stick a mine down at the top of the stairs - then you at least get a warning when the Hunter comes through the wall.


50 cal hunters can see through walls & now shoot through them. Cover is useless now