Uses for Paragon/Specializaiton Customizations?


I have been thinking about skills and Active Specializations. To me, this is possibly one of the great area of opportunity for improvement. Imagine for a moment that paragon mattered in the growth of your character. To where the active specialization not only defined your character, but an additional layer of customization…this would make incredibly diverse and unbalanced builds for the community to delve into.

Marksman - Base enhancement of sway elimination, upgrade ‘paragon’ tree to further enhance recoil reduction or any of the tree itself for an activation skill.
Vanguard - Base resistance enhancements, upgrade to health or stagger resistance.
Commander - beyond laying down a field radio, upgrade options to add the paramedic kit or ammo kit.
Medic - after using a stim for revival, get a surge of combat prowess to dmg resistance and dmg output.
Survivor- beyond a free use of adrenaline, gain additional % to over-heal for maybe 30sec after any use of heals.
Commando - first damage dealt bonus to unaware enemies, upgrade to dmg areas that have been made vulnerable…say after armor has been destroyed.
Hacker - remote hacking, upgrade to % chance to had and/or number of units to hack at one time…recently started playing this tree and it is incredibly underwhelming/frustrating to feel as though I wasted a character slot.
Engineer - scavenging tick pods, upgrade to building/crafting deployable cover or maybe a shield ‘car door or from a tanks face plate’ something to capture that creativity of the class…or can modify components beyond their normal use…grafting a modified vision module onto smg or adding a rail to wpns for a lazer pointer, capability to craft a chaff gernade.

I am sure others have pitched similar ideas, but if not I hope it inspires some creative design for future content.

Thank you


It is already tremendously unbalanced, this part you said just makes all worse…?


I am curious as to how that would make builds worse?

Obviously, there will always be meta’s, to me that provides feedback provides creative ways to elevate other builds up to that same level of enjoyment…bringing more diversity to the game is healthy and a breath of fresh air. Do you have any ideas to enhance builds?


I fell like almost all specs need a rework instead of additional effects, field radios are irrelevant for anyone who even unlocked half of the safehouses so it’s a matter of time until this perk totally loses its place in the world, marksman literally is just the 4th level of the sway reduction perk and anyone without parkinson (no offense to parkinson patients) can hit weak spots with a sniper scope. Tick pod droprate has been an issue for over a year now, hacker is an RNGfest and enemies barely deal damage to each other (a full missile salvo from a tank can’t bring down a hunter). Don’t get me started on the medic perks…

So to summarize, before we think deeper, we need to clean up this mess first in my opinion.