Using Object penetrating Vision mod on binos = crash

Platform: PC
Steps To Reproduce: Yes!
Images / Videos: Yes!
Host or Client: Yes!
Players in your game: 4 different
Specifications: 4 Different

While it looked good and fun, when used on binoculars (at least) and any co-op player got close to in the view of it, the game freeze. Not only a problem for one person, as I passed it around to the others and they all froze and crashed too, from doing the same.


Separate annoyance(s) not related to that bug: 
(Most of the times the fast travel points don't show up on map of 'joiners' (Non-host) 
It's quite annoying after 9 hours straight with the same people.. Then get them back by traveling in hosts map, and play for 5 hours more, Confirm they are all back on your own map, and be the host a while.. only to have them disappear yet again next time (oh and does the 'Hacking' Top Tier skill even work? Most of the times the targeted bot just started firing totally at random, and no hint of cool-down of the skill, or reason not to be able to use it again, as fight isn't even initiated))

**EDIT->** Hacking works decently now, but still seems a bit random, also no idea about coolown timer for it.

I have the same bug, it also crashes when on a scope and your looking at a player. The moment another player is on screen with the OPVM active the game crashes. It seems to only crash if the player is in the OPVM’s range though, as it doesent seem to crash if the other player is a couple hundred yards away.

I tried it in single player both on scope and binos, and it works on bots at least.
Still there’s usually some ‘lag-spiking’ just when you pull it up (I have a 1080 GFX card, so that shoudn’t be too taxing)

I guess it might be a combination of trying to get/send too much info, and problems showing the players ‘insides’ or just the last one, as in forgotten to give us skeletons and just freezing due to having nothing to show there.