Uttern bunker progression


Bunker opened but log asks to destroy machines to get card. Generator in gas room turned on but no indication at any time of mission progress. Bug?


Bug. Can’t progress because this is the main mission

Exact same thing here.
Unfortunately it kinda wrecks the experience. Too bad since I really love your game ; it’s actually the first time I want to 100% a game and go platinum. But the game won’t let me try.

We have the same problem. Minken Bunker. Playing Co-op. I got cards and could open the bunker, we both entered and did all the mission-thingies.
Now my gf have to host to be able to catch up on some missions that we finished when I was host… complicated.
Minken bunker was one of those missions that didn’t register as completed for her. Now she can’t get keykards to open the bunker, they will simply not drop.

Same problem here. The game seems to have only gotten worse since the patch. :angry: