Uttern Bunker still bugged!

Prior to patch, I could get in to the Uttern Bunker, but when I turned the power in, nothing would happen.
Now after the patch, the power turns on so I can get to the warboard but the missions don’t turn up when I click on it. It’s just a blank map. It’s still asking me to collect barcodes to get into the bunker. This is on xbox. I can’t progress in the game because no new missions show up. I’ve completed everything else but why is the warboard blank???

Same for me on PS4, but we can’t even start the game after patch 1.05

Me Three,

I was so pleased I could actually get into the bunker so I can finish the game. Now I’m stuck again

I know. I got in and thought I was all good and then the warboard was blank! Robots aren’t dropping any barcodes either. Not that it matters because I’m in that bunker anyway but can’t do anything else.

That stinks. I didn’t have a problem with the update at least.

Uttern Bunker was the last mission I had to do, but it was glitched prior to the update. After the update, I can turn the power on and access the War-board.

Since I was unable to fully complete Uttern Bunker mission or get any new mission, I’ve deleted my save file and start over again which is a real shame.

I’m in the same boat. I was hoping and AM hoping a future update will fix this so I don’t have to start over. Too bad because I’m assuming it’s probably only a handful of missions left for the main story.