Uttern, post June update

Hi guys !
So, I read the update announcement and saw that missions were being fixed. I launched the game, which had been on standby for me for a couple of months. I was blocked at Uttern mission, it wouldn’t update. Here’s how it went.

I spawned near Uttern, went straight to it, shot like 4 bots outside. I saw the bike and thought “hey that’s nice, cool idea”. Moving on.
30 seconds into the bunker and I start opening boxes. First box : no problem (and great loot). Second box : loot was there but I couldn’t pick it up. Got a message saying my inventory was full, but it wasn’t. I emptied it some more, and still couldn’t pick stuff up. For some reason this box didn’t work but all others did. Moving on again.

At this point I checked my log, because I had no message upon entering the bunker. I see that all previous bunker missions (all five others), were still there, and still complete. Good. One catch though : the entry with all six bunker missions was missing. It sort of makes sens, since it wasn’t complete.

I proceed on clearing the bunker, and get to the warboard. I click it, no mission offered.
On exiting the warboard, I got a pop-up window with all six bunkers objectives. And it wouldn’t disappear. I exited the bunker and this big pop-up window was still there, on the top-left of the screen.

It seems that on completion of Uttern bunker, the generic quest for all bunkers was automatically completed, but it never started in the first place ! Because it wasn’t complete (5/6) when the update happened. It looked like the system didn’t know wether it should start or archive that six bunkers mission, and got stuck with an open pop-up. Uttern bunker’s specific mission in the log never showed up, not when spawning, not when entering the bunker, not when completing it.

Edit : I turned the game off, and lauched it again. A few seconds after spawning, that big pop-up mission box with all six bunker objectives reappeared. And it’s huge. So to sum it up, the game is even more broken than before for me.
The only thing that sort of got better is that I could reach Uttern’s warboard.
But Uttern bunker’s mission still can’t be completed.
Plus now the generic bunkers mission is bugged.
Plus I now have 20% of the screen blocked by a mission window.

At least before I could go roam around, waiting for a fiw for Uttern. Now I can’t because I permently have a screen reminding me that I’m stuck.

The only thing I could try that would (maybe) work is erasing my save and restarting it all. But, no. No thank you. Tomorrow is the release of super Mario maker 2. Maybe I’ll try playing generation zero again in a couple of years. I loved the game for most of it. I don’t blame you guys, the game was gorgeous and the atmosphere unique. I don’t know what went wrong or who messed up, and I don’t care. I know most people involved did their best and I’m grateful for their effort, time, and dedication.

Note : playing solo, on ps4

sorry to hear you are having issues still with some missions, some of my bugged missions i had to completely restart, and reports are coming in of players still having some probs.
also loot boxes we are told are being looked at.

in regards to the mission box , this can be changed in settings menu , along with some more funky stuff if you have a look through .

here is a screeny for mine on pc.

some missions were set back to the first step to try to unbreak them
some were hidden from the log and are supposed to unhide if you leave the area and come back or something. similar to when a bunker would forget that it’s power was supposed to be on and you had to fast travel away and back to remind it
unfortunately there is an issue with the hidden mission remaining hidden, the developers acknowledged it shortly after the update release Missions gone after June update and are hopefully working on a fix.
like jakel, i restarted my game.