Vacation photo Missing one


Im honestly a bit lost, gravering Every inch of the map and still cant find the #15 vacation photo its the last colletable im missing.

Help would be grand :slight_smile:


I’ll check on it later, if someone doesn’t beat me to it (which is likely) … :wink:


Thanks, maybe Someone Will, and ill write the locations find it before hand :slight_smile:



#15 is inside the hut at Sjötorpet, at the south coast of the island (coordinates 4325.3, 217.2) :+1:


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Finally everything is collected :clap:


I´m missing one too, “Wooden bridge at Gäddön”. Been all over the coordinates at 3183.6, 50.7 but have still not found it. Is it missing for me or hidden in a sneaky way?


AFAIK, there have been no reports of missing collectables.


Isn’t that this Lookout tourist attraction? I seem to remember that the photo is at a much (!) lower elevation than you might think.


Will look deeper into it! Thx!