Vanishing Reaper (Showing on map but not in world)

Twice now the reaper I have been fighting vanishes. It shows up on the map but, when I go to the position it is not there. If I restart the game it comes back. Anybody else experienced this?

Hey, this sounds weird so, I’ve moved this to #bug-reports.
Do you think you can provide some more information about the issue?

Cheers :+1:

I have two screenshots. As soon as I can figure out how to get them from pc to iPad I will post them.

When you’re on PC, you can log into the forums as well and upload the pics directly from your PC to the forum.

Here we go. A picture of the map then the view I saw when I looked for the Reaper849CC434-6800-429B-8ED3-0F09EE46F9A2 FD20E5C2-56BE-465A-8888-8D1A76A69645


3 out of the 4 images you uploaded are so small that i can’t tell if anything is wrong or not.

When uploading images, don’t upload thumbnails. Upload the original sized image (e.g like 3rd image).

Ok try these. It happened again twice today.Uploading: 419F3ADF-70EC-4E74-90AB-AFDA8E297B1E.jpeg… Uploading: B2142CE1-8EBA-43B5-A7A7-FB5E1974261D.jpeg…

These doesn’t work either since you posted your reply before image upload was complete.

These tow were the ones I took after restart. Reaper visible then…

Errm… what ? Care to elaborate or maybe wrong forum ? Oh and I highly doubt that GZ is playable on an iPad though… :thinking: :man_shrugging:

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