Vastra Mark weapon location

Can anyone find the 2nd weapon in vastra mark? Got the one from the corpse but can’t find other one. Also 2 weapons from Asotungan outpost? Even though i watched a video they aren’t there. Glitch maybe? Thank you in advance guys.

Above topic link doesn’t contain either of the two locs, that OP is asking for. Though, it would be a proper topic where to ask the question.

Asotungan Outpost weapon locs are posted here: Completing locations - All weapons

And here are Västra Mark weapon locs as well:

Screenshots (click here to view)

1* AG4 (-1344, -1597)

1* Möller (-1348, -1588)

If you on PS4, 3 of the 4 are simply not there. I had collected them already and now the counter is reset with no weapons available. I see it in a few places but most likely devs are working on more important stuff.

Catalyst_Light. you’re right they aint there. Must be a bug

Yes they are, I got them both yesterday

So because they are there for you, they must be there for everyone ? Wow !

That is known issue and it’s discussed in here: Co-Op to Single Player Collectibles


Weapons are in game. It’s a fixed point location spawn, the only way they are not there, is if someone else has picked it up while in your game.

So not so much as a bug it not being there, chances are someone else has already picked it up so you now cannot

Single player so can’t understand it

I found a Moller in the master bedroom, on the bed

And this is helpful, compared to what i posted above (3rd reply), as of how?

Found it on the left side of front entrance to the house. Under the window.

My 1st reply here already showcases both weapons found in that loc, with co-ords and screenshots,
link: Vastra Mark weapon location

With it, the question of the topic is answered and i’ll lock the topic.