Very few Tanks and Harvesters Spawning FYI

I unlocked all the control points in the Forest Region and built a base on one of them but am having trouble raising the zone threat level. Specifically the areas around Lillden Control Point and the Sundby Control Point used to be places I could count on lots of bots (including tanks and harvesters) to spawn/congregate at.
Now that the control points are there, there are zero bots in those areas, been like that for at least a week.

It seems the controls points are preventing the usual number of tanks and harvesters from spawning in those places so it is taking forever to raise threat level just hunting runners and hunters.

Playing on PC via GeForce Now, single player.

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Its the same on other platforms.
Specially near the North Coast Border, there used to be a huge battle there between Wolfs and Tanks and Harvesters (inside Forest region).

I found 4 control points, 2 of them are in remote areas and dont disturb machines ai behaviour.
But the other 2 are in areas which always had Tanks, Harvesters.

If you need a consistent battle that you can redo I have 3 good locations for you,

  1. IGA facility, 2 military tanks and a group of 3 hunters normally spawn here if you approach from the safehouse, it is useful to grind because they seem to respawn quite fast , the other day I defeated them about 5 times in about 6 hrs.
  2. From Granhygette( I butchered the name sorry ) safehouse in the centre of the forest region follow the road to the west towards a crane and consistently I’m finding a good battle there with occasional Russian machines pitching in
  3. the sports field in the south west of the forest region, I apologise but I can’t remember it’s name right now but it’s south east of the southern bridge crossing from the farmlands region to the forest region and tends to have a couple harvesters and a tank

Hope this helps a little

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I was doing some missions on Himfjeld, and was totally overun by hunters and runners, i never seen so many robots at the same time. (frame dropped to 10-20 FPS)
I killed them all, and it turned out 2 harvesters was behind a hill respawning them all, killed them too.
But the FPS dropped a lot.
But at this place i see no need of more machines ;D

It was loot bonanza :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had a similar experience when I first went to Himfjäll after the update. Something like 30 Hunters and 15 Runners jumped me in a big field near the hotel. Huge fight.

But on the other hand I have also experienced what the others have on the mainland. The Forest seems way emptier now than before.

Must be vacation season, all the bots are migrating eastward.

Meanwhile i have just entered the forest like a few hours ago and i am swamped with tanks and harvesters to the point where i had to go looking for HEDP rounds schematic only to find its bugged and unobtainable and desperately need the rounds.

i have another 4-6 tanks and 3 harvesters sitting in my way

i think i am having an advers issue with the bug

ohh interesting send me an invite and I will pacify the area for you :stuck_out_tongue: .

i would rather the ammo i can paciffy them myself if i have the 84mm/rlg rounds. running rather low on those.
i am just thankful its not hunters

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