Very first post don’t shoot me

So I have looked for some things before posting but I had some questions. Luckily I found out they fixed the rocket launcher ammo schematic so I am excited about that.

First question. If you build a base will Wild robots still attack it or do you need to start the east,medium, hard defense missions first? And if so, and I just constantly going to have to use all of my game time defending the base from random robots? And if so, so I just stockpile resources until is have everything I need to just have a prefab high tier base?

Any info would be appreciated.

Next question that might be considered a nagging/stupid question…. Is there any percentage for rng for either exp weapons and more importantly tungsten? I have killed so many machines from ticks to tanks on himjall, rival and not rival and haven’t gotten any tungsten at all. Like literally at all. So is there any way to get a better rng? I even put all the scavenging skill on max points. It is just driving me nuts and I am to the point of thinking there is just something that veteran players do that I am not doing.

Any info would be appreciated.

Third and final(I won’t keep bothering the forums) is weight. Do I really need to just keep making characters for storage or is there another way? Mind you I can’t even upgrade my niches fully because I can’t find any damn tungsten. Is it me? Is my rng just crap? I know games have low drop rates but man, this seems like I am trying to get legendary raid gear on wow when I am looking for 1 tungsten. Just saying.

Any info would be appreciated

  1. No, you must use the easy, medium and Hard options for machines to be attacking your bases, much better known as Base Defence.

  2. There is no known percentages behind anything in GZ so for EXP weapons just keep hunting rivals and for tungsten, keep hunting Apoc machines. Also Salvage only increases how much ammo you get of the machines, not how likely you get resources or the weapons. Same goes with the skill after Salvage but instead its their vision modules and not ammo.

  3. For weight, do some proper management and youll do just fine with even the 200 base weight in the Plundra. Drop things such as unused weapons, unused ammo, unused equipment etc.

  1. Oh my god, thank you very much. That helps with number 3. I have tons on wood steel and concrete that is using up a lot of weight because I didn’t want the robots to just come and destroy everything while I was off farming rivals. Damn, you are awesome.

  2. Well the world isn’t perfect in gaming either so I will just keep grinding then. Thanks to your 1. Answer I won’t be freaking out about my base getting attacked every 5 minutes.

  3. Luckily your 1. Answer helped with this as well in a big way. I always get rid of every used weapon or any one need ammo and recycle everything once I get a stack so I am also very relieved by this. Time to start building a base slowly till I get the base I want.

Your answers pretty much saved me like 400 pounds in weight so I am back to being very excited about the game.

Answer 2 was a bummer but I almost instantly came to terms with it because I expected the answer but was hoping it wasn’t correct. Thank you again.

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I got all my tungsten from 5 crown weapons you get 2 per weapon and 1 from 5 crown attachments and if you have all the weapon packs your chances of finding 5 crowns is better hopefully this helps :slight_smile: