Viewing distance of host greatly reduced


Host cannot see object, like bases and robots, from a distance when I (client) can see them. She needs to approach quite close before these objects pop up - sometimes.

Could this be related to the old issue of hosts not seeing enemies that everybody else is seeing? It seems that when robots spawn at a distance where only the client can see them, they remain invisible for the host even at close range.

Be it as it may, it makes the game unplayable for us. It’s very frustrating. I downvoted it on Steam, because it’s cleary marketed as a coop game. Once these bugs are resolved, I’ll be happy to change my review.

Oh and by the way, we compared graphics settings on both machines, they are identical, as are our graphics cards.

Platform: Windows 10/Host Windows 11/Client

Description: see above

Steps To Reproduce: Approach FNIX base, stays invisible for Host while visible for Client until Host approaches to closer range.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2


If players have a different field of view setting then that will affect the draw distance.

The wider FoV draws more geometry at the sides, and has a closer draw distance as a result. Check that both players have the same FoV and see if it makes a difference.

I know you mentioned graphics settings, I’m not sure if you thought to check fov as I was initially surprised to find out made a difference.

We did check FOV, unfortunately the issue remains the same; if I see enemies at ie. 160m distance, my friend can only see them at 100m. She’s the host. During combat, about 1 out of 4 enemies remain invisible to her.

I can only assume that the networking code of this game is very buggy but that a re-factoring or switching to a different implementation is not possible for whatever reason. At least this would provide an explanation why the people responsible never bothered to fix these old but game breaking issues.

But I have less understanding for this game still being marketed as a coop experience when it is in such a state.

Therefore I will keep it downvoted on steam and return occasionally for some dumb fun.