Vintovka 1891 not dropping(again)

384 Spetnaz Firebirds down since dangerous experiment rolled out. No sign of the Vintovka(Mosin) I’d say it aint dropping.(PSN)

Firebirds don’t show up in the stats so you have to keep count, seems to count towards total machines though.

And it would be really nice to be able to keep safehouses sometime this year…

Cheers and have a good weekend folks, signing of!

It does drop, its just that PS has drop rate issues off every DLC weapon. And the Vintovka has an extremely small chance to drop, next update should allow it to drop from wolfs with hopefully a good drop chance.

Well, the devs made it very clear that it would drop within 200 spetnaz firebirds. Figured I’d double that number but enough is enough.
I’ve hade no problem obtaining all the other dlc-weapons. I regret buying this dlc.

Remember back in the day the droprates for the US-weapons, had to destroy close to 500 tanks to get the N60…

For the other weapon packs I’m going just fine. Had them all within a week, except the 5c bow which I’m still waiting for.
But the new pack… Really hard.

Not dropping for me either and I am on steam. Was thinking these DLCs are starting to be you only get what you get when you buy them. And why put effort into the game so players get better DLC gear from grinding.

Ooooh so that’s why I haven’t seen one yet
I was confused as to why I’d seen at least a 4c variant of every other gun from the pack, (except the Skorpion, which I’ve hardly taken out of the box), but not the Vintovka, but that makes sense now.

the thing has a fantastic damage-to-ammo frequency ratio though, 10/10 would recommend it to newish players, at least for mid-to-long range.
(also it made dealing with the flying lynx bug pretty easy)

got a blue one from a wolf. Loot pool is pretty bad and buggy atm even aside from vintovka, purple rarity AG 4 drops like 100% of time from bigger machines that have it in their pool

It’s dropping - but it’s extremely rare - and probably too rare for a paid DLC weapon. Hopefully, the drop rate will be fixed in the february update.

It’s a known issue that harvesters always drop this. However, they can drop other weapons in addition to this, so I’m just ignoring the AG4 from them (or decon it if you need mats).


@ameinild nope all tanks, harvesters ,wolves and fire birds that have it in their pool drop it nearly ALWAYS. Either way the whole loot pool is in a desperate need of a major redesign in particular with the DLC stuff like vintovka needing to be better placed and in earlier areas, and machine guns and their attachements along with higher rarity red dots which are abysmally rare even with farming the DLC islands machines.

Gave it another shot, 560 Spetnaz firebirds down. No sign of the Vintovka. that’s a shame.

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