Visibility, Bullet Resistance, Impact Resistance, etc


Is there a place where you can see the total effectiveness of these features? Maybe I’m not understanding how these work correctly, and someone could explain it better. But if I have bullet resistant shoes, jacket, pants, etc. it would be cool to show the overall effect these have, or some kind of percentage or meter. What’s odd is that when you find apparel with these features, it shows the item taking up half of a meter effectiveness, but when you go to equip it, it only shows it with only a tiny portion of the meter. So I’m confused as to how it really works.


Currently there is no way.

But the whole clothing + stats thing looks quite rough and unfinished, so I am inclined to think that the Devs are still figuring out what to do with it.

Personally, to me - it makes little sense…
A yellow jacket that makes you less visible?
And why would a dark grey t-sshirt give you more bullet resistance then a pair of sneakers?

It completely makes no sense at all! :rofl:
So, I would like to see this completely changed. Most stats make no sense, apart from Visibility and Noise Reduction, which I only spec on my characters. (all clothing Noise Reduction except one, that is with Visibilty)…

And more people mentioned this in the past. Complaining that their characters had to look like clowns in order to have any meaningful stats on them.
I don’t think that is a good thing in GZ.


I asked the same thing few months ago - no reply :frowning_face:


I agree, the whole concept seems like an unfinished part of the game.