Visibility Reduction shoes

I doubt it… :sweat_smile:

Few days ago I had the same thing.

The picture is wrong, it should show the Flannel shirt. This is a known bug for some people. I don’t have that bug. It could be related to the use of naughty software. :point_left: :joy:

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Really?! :sweat_smile:

I said it could be. :grinning: But I really don’t know. So for the time being don’t just look at the picture, but also look what the text says and what item on right is selected. There is a bug report of this bug. :coffee:

Ok thanks, had a big smile on my face.

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Forget to mention: it’s only in this region - so far.

And… that region is … ?

It’s in the South Coast region, near the middle and west.

Strange that this bug/glitch isn’t the same all over the map. That might be a clue for the Devs to solve it. It only happens at certain areas.

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…as far as I’m aware, this is a legitimate glitch. Nothing to do with mods or anything.

From my own experience, this glitch only shows up after playing for some time. An hour, maybe more, maybe less. Hard to tell exactly when the glitch kicks in, we’re not looking at the loot screen and a time stamp at all times. Whenever it kicks in, it should then be visible/work the same in ALL regions of the game world.

This glitch seems to happen at the same time as several other glitches. The invisible NPC glitch, the invisible player model glitch (in the different in-game menu screens, and at the sewing table), the invisible vehicle model glitch (in the vehicle station menu, at least)…

Any time I see one of these glitches crop up, I can look around and find that all of these other glitches have also cropped up. And I’m on console, and not using any sort of PC-to-console-and-back-again exploits, hacks, edits, or mods, just the base game and official DLCs/expansions updated as per dev specs and console online play requirements. So, that rules out this having anything to do with mods. It’s on the work the devs have done, in the previous update or two.

Fortunately, most of these glitches don’t seem to be especially damaging to gameplay. Only the invisible NPCs glitch is really disruptive. That part seems to mess up missions, for some players. Unfortunate… The rest of these glitches are all just in the user interface, or so it seems. And, as far as I’m aware, ALL of these glitches can be solved (temporarily—only until they decide to show back up) by exiting to the main menu and then loading back in, or shutting the game down and then starting it back up.

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