Von Ulmer's legacy – Generation Zero Cinematic


Love this game! Can’t wait for future content.
Please enjoy my clip.

possible spoiler disclaimer

von Ulmer’s legacy | Generation Zero Cinematic | SPOILER


You made this? It looks amazing, well done camerawork and really nailed the atmosphere.


Thanks man! This is one of the very few games that got me really hooked.
Sometimes I make short clips about games I really enjoy like this one.


Your hired :blush:

At first I thought it was Hunter Call of the wild :smirk:

Thanks for sharing


Great first post , :+1:


That’s awesome. If it was a trailer for Gen Z the movie, I definitely be lining up for a ticket for the opening night.


I cant understand how you made this :grinning: . Do you have access to dev tools?


Really cool, I’ve shared it with the team! :slight_smile: