VR support pretty please with sugar on top!


Pretty please with sugar, nuts, a cherry and chocolate sprinkles, say that you will add VR support for Generation Zero! This game would be epic in VR.
The best VR game ever in my opinion is a survival game not ment for VR from the beginning - Subnautica. But that could definitely change should Generation Zero have VR support.


Although I agree this would be cool, I don’t see how it could be implemented in such a way that would add to the gameplay experience, with that said however, I haven’t seen Subnautica VR so maybe I’ll check that out and see what I think afterwards.


VR would make this game 100x better. It’s not hard to do. Payday 2 has VR support where VR and non VR players can crossplay together. It would make the game more immersive.


I’d also love to see VR support. It doesn’t have to be very fancy, just so that you can do all of the basic actions and aim your guns.


I don’t see VR being added as an option for Generation Zero. I do know there are no plans for it.


Subnautica is incredible in VR. I too would love a VR option for this title.