Walking instead of Fast Travelling

A little while ago, I took the existential decision to stop using Fast Travel. It has transformed the game and given it a totally new lease of life. I live (nowadays) in the Hill Fort. If I want to visit Himfjall, I have to get on my bike and fight my way (Cycle to Contact) all the way up to the Industrial Facility and rtake the boat. It takes me an hour and something wirth battles and adventures along the way. I discover things I’ve never seen before and getting to the Bear Hotel is a real achievement.

Wherever I want to go, I have to get there from wherever I was. I find machines in totally unexpected places, and find much more action than skipping about the map looking for it. If I run out of ammunition (or fill up with crafting resources) I have to find a safe house along the way to craft, or to dump. Suddenly, Safe Houses stop being a mere destination to begin from, but a real refuge, where I can fill up and recover.

I also have to remember where I parked my bike, or I’ve got a long walk to another Safe House to make myself another. It is amazing how many Safe Houses have no bike station! I didn’t think there were any. If it doesn’t, I have to look at the map, and try another, fighting my way there.

On my main East-West access road, there is a Reaper. It is the only one I’ve spawned and it took ages, so I don’t want to kill it, but I have to creep past and find another bike station the other side. I can’t even just cycle past because it chases you aggressively, so each time I have to plan ahead.

Every “mission” is an adventure. To get to the Bridge at the North means planning a route by road and fighting my way along it. Battles? Epic!

Now, there are times I use fast travel. Shopping. Gas cannisters - good for explosive. So, I travel to all the Ind Facs, help myself to gas bottles ten at a time, recycle them and go back to where I was to start again. But that’s it.

In this respect, bikes were a stroke of sheer genius. Sometimes you can just keep cycling and eventually the machines will give up, sometimes you have to get off and fight everything - it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

You also run out of ammunition, and even medkits, and cannot just travel back to make more - you have to plan and conserve and loot, until you can get to a Safe House. It takes you right back to where every bullet and every medkit used to count.

This has transformed the game for me.


I wouldn’t name the topic that way but I agree, having the game without fast travelling transforms the game. It’s a completely different approach to the game.

Fast travel was introduced to make the large map more inclusive for people who don’t have the time to ride a bike from safehouse to safehouse. I unfortunately am one with little time for GZ. This would basically mean the game would be less playable and enjoyable for me.

That being said I’d love to play the game like you did. Sounds like a new experience with the game.

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Well, the point is, that every journey becomes an adventure, and a visit to Normyra might take you several days (playing an hour at a time) to get to. But so cool when you do. Now you’re going to find a base up there somewhere to explore al lthe places you never could be bothered to when you were following the missions. Then you decide to go East or go home, and you might make it in several stages.

Or hunting a Rival. Pick your Rival, track, and cycle to contact. Instead of Fast Travel to nearest Safe House, exit, kill Rival, Fast Travel somewhere else, it becomes a quest, with planning, route marking, fighting your way through. One Rival becomes a Mission.

Just a casual ride through the fields on my bike this morning…:wink:


Renamed the topic to avoid future complications.


You are a true hardcore player! Me too I do travel a lot by foot, rarely bike but hell yeah the game is unforgiving, I play on Guerrilla Mode and do travel a lot by foot in the main map, its packed with action!

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The headline is supposed to gather the readers! Attract! Xexr, dude, don’t ever try to get a job as a Headline Copywriter!

“Walking instead of Fast Travelling”??? Where’s the controversy? Where’s the taking sides? Where’s the discussion? No wonder nobody’s read it! despair


Whatever buddie, dont get upset, chill chill.
I am just in Love with this game and encourage or compliment others that do things i also do in this game. I like this Forum because the people posting stuff are also players that have invested a lot of hours in this game. I like discussing ideas, reporting bugs and help others that just started playing it.
I dont get it. Copyright? And what do you mean by Xexr?

I love long walks. And I love hoard things. So most of the time I’m spending at “red, yet mobile” encubrance range. Oh, and no dashing adds thrills when encountering machines.

Sorry, but what do you expect? That a clickbaity title moves the topic forward? I think a controversial title could stir a lot of hurt feelings and since the moderators try to keep a calm and reasonable atmosphere I think a less clickbaity title works better.

And btw I read every topic regardless of the title and if the topic the thread opener made is interesting I follow the thread. Usually I avoid content with clickbait titles but in this forum I make an exception thanks to the moderators.


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In that sense, are you saying that i’m a loser since i use Fast Travel in my game? :thinking: