Walking out of a fight


Several times now I’ve experienced machines walking away from a fight. I prefer to fight from a distance using my marksman skills. I was just attacking a tank across the fiord at Kålleby and had dealt the tank a fair bit of damage - I could see bullet impacts and parts dropping off in my scope - when it suddenly walked out of rendering distance and vanished in thin air. I teleported to the garage safehouse across the fiord and then it reappeared not too far away. Perhaps machines should be locked within rendering distance when engaged in battle.


Why shouldn’t they leave if they are losing a fight? I think that’s actually quite a cool thing. No doubt this was just some weird AI bug thing but when you consider it, it makes a fair bit of sense.


sounds fair, i run away when i can too


Sure, @Saddletank and @kakarron, running away is a fair strategy. I’ve chased quite a few harvesters giving them a sore behind with my shotgun. What I don’t like is the vaporisation part. I have a fine and detailed image of my target in my 8-16 scope, it is firing heavily back at me, and suddenly … poof … as if it was never there! It’s like magic! Like GZ meets Harry Potter :woman_mage:


That’s a limitation of modern PCs. It can be fixed by you spending another $1000.


Do you really think that would solve the issue? Well, you’ll never know. Somebody in here once stated, that they could do a single-shot kill over several kilometers … that’s pretty good if the target becomes invisible after 500 meters or so which seems to be the case on Xbox One S. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Harry Potter. I’ll suggest that the next weapon added to GZ be a magic wand. AVADA KEDAVRA! :wink:


I feel a new game (or DLC) coming up … Generation Zero-And-A-Half. :wink:

@Saddletank If anything is a limitation then it is the consoles and definitely not the PC’s. Not by definition, anyways. And, of course the engine, depending on it’s utilisation of (available) resources.

The only thing in my system that’s running at 100% (regardless of settings and vram usage) is my old R9 380 4GB graphics card. Which it basically always should do anyways when rendering game graphics.
RAM usage is not even close to maxing out (4 out of 16 after some pretty extensive traveling and fighting) and my CPU (Ryzen 1700) is generally having a nap across al 8 cores/16 threads. Total usage is 13-15% on average and not exceeding 20% when fighting a couple of Tanks and Hunters (and not a single core/thread is exceeding 25-30% or so).

It seems there have been some rigorous changes in render distances to begin with but the massive AI-screw-up can also have something to do with it.

I had a couple of Runners come into and go out of view at 100 m. (or so) but I also had a Runner vanish into thin air at 4 meters distance right in front of my nose.

Neither should be happening if you ask me. :slight_smile:


By the way, I went back to the garage safehouse outsida Kålleby yesterday and as soon as I stepped out the door I heard heavy shooting across the bay. My old friend the vanishing tank was standing in the middle of Kålleby shooting ferociously in my general direction. It had retained the damage I’d dealt it earlier and I took it out of its misery in less than a minute. The part about machines “remembering” their damage for your next encounter seems to work fine.


And tonight a runner vanished before my very eyes. I had found a proto harvester escorted by two runners, and he was so much a sitting duck. I used the Alestutter to take out the first runner with a shut to the cell, and as the next runner started running towards me (well, that’s what they do) I tracked it in my scope to deliver the kill. And then … POOF … pist Versvunden. It was 50 meters away and left no trace at all. Very strange …


Combat logging is so lame :wink:


At least it remembered it’s health. :slight_smile:

Actually, I had a crash (a week or so ago) when working on a tank and it retained its damage even after restarting the game. Not sure what that’s about. Not that I’m complaining, of course, :slight_smile: but I thought the game was only supposed to remember damage for the duration of the session.

To be honest … I haven’t been playing for the past week or so because I don’t find it much fun this way.

The big thing that got me hooked on the game (together with the entire setting/atmosphere of course) was the “intelligence” of the machines. And there is not much left of that …

I’m not here to bash the devs but, frankly, I’m baffled that this update was not delayed.