Warboard - Minken Bunker

Platform: xbox One X

Steps To Reproduce: Tryed to restart game alone on single player. The container and runner was still destroyed. Threw a couple of grenades in the container but nothing happend.

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: Im stuck on the part where it says: Find out what is draining power in the hangar.

What happend is that we blew the container and the runner in the container before we got to this step. We where on the part to restore power to the bunker when this happend.

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This bug has been getting a lot of hits recently, seems to be affecting quite a few players across all platforms. Hopefully they’ll fix all these quest bugs soon.


Yep, I am also experiencing the same issue as well. I already explored, finished and unlocked the safehouse in the Minken Bunker but did it in my friends lobby. Then I went to my own lobby to re do the Minken Bunker again to earn xp from the mission. Without knowing that the bug will happen, I went to the room where the container was w/ the runner inside of it and then destroyed it. Then I made my way to the generator room to restore power and then went to the computer.

My Next Objective was “Find out what is draining power in the hanger”. Then I went back to the room where the runner was inside the container to find, (THIS IS THE BUG), a floating yellow and red flashing light. I tried using explosives 3 times and nothing happened. Now I can’t get to the Warboard room unless I restart the whole game and lose my progress. I really hope they fix this.