Warboard-Minken bunker

(English is not my native language so there might be some grammatical mistakes. Sorry)
I stucked in the middle of the quest “Warboard-Minken bunker” because I destroyed inactivated RUNNNER before I received direction. I’d like you to respawn it.(I play on ps4,solo)

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Same happened to me and a friend. You mean the runners in the container? We spawned away and spawned back (restarted game?) and then they were there again.

Yes,I mean them
But,it happend about 3 weeks ago.
I neglected it and I have kept playing but the container is still empty.

I read in another thread yesterday, that this seems to be a permanent problem at the moment. Hope they will fix it and reactivate needed mission items. I believe, this will not be the only place, where this could happen.

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Okay.i’m to wait for patch and be careful with similar quests.
Thank you for your reply.

It is a known issue indeed, but had me restart the game entirely because I’m a completionnist (the Minken bunker was my first stop on the mainland so I didnt have a tremendous amount of playtime to catch up with). What I do now is save all the savefiles after each gaming session in case this kind of stuff happens again. Something all players should do when playing these bugged (yet way too awesome) games.


Hehe, first thing after first playing was backup of savefile, because I read a rating on Steam, where someone started from the beginning three times. But is backup possible on console like PS?

I’m stuck with this too… :frowning:

yes but it is complicated and needs money

I was stuck here as well but I read someone else say they invited their friend to the mission, and his friend could see the walker not destroyed in the container even tho it was destroyed on his screen. So I invited my friend to try this and it worked, he destroyed the walker and then finally I was able to move on. So if you have someone who can join your game and do this for you, do it! Cause I was so pissed about this glitch… it made me move onto explore which now in turn has glitched out another mission for called “no rest for the weary” cause I discovered the safehouse before the mission brought me there.


See above comment for the solution (at least it worked for me and another as they were where I got the info from to try it)

See 2nd comment up for solution

thanks. I’ll try it.

After May update,I visited Minken bunker and check if runnner is respawned. As a result, this bug is not still fixed.
what is meant by “acknowledged” tag in this forum?

they did not fix it yet, just stopped it from happening to more people. hopefully next update will have a fix

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thank you. I shoulda read patch note mich more carefully.
I’m sorry for my jumping to a wrong conclusion.

@fuzi9981 @Koalakacke @Cantoris Just invite a friend to your game and bring them to the walker in the container. They can blow it up for you as yours will still be destroyed.

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