Warboard missions not showing PS5

I have been playing a while now and even completed the main story but when I return to any warboard there are no missions showing on any of them even though I have not actually tried starting any warboard missions.
I know for a fact that the mission ‘Not Alone’ should be showing on the Marden bunker warboard but nothing!
Any ideas would be most welcome.

If you completed the main story, you already finished all warboard missions.

Not Alone is part of the DLC Alpine Unrest. It the first mission of that Dlc.

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Thanks for your reply, so I just did those missions in the world then even though I didn’t interact with the warboard! Interesting, appreciate it.

Ah OK, thanks for letting me know…it seems I can’t complete the platinum without buying the DLC then, bit annoying and also seems a bit greedy for the devs to lock you in that way.
Cheers anyway.

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No, that shouldn’t be an issue.
Platinum just is bound to the main game.
There is no trophy for GZ (main) to complete this mission.


Thanks chaser, I will look into this. I was following a guide on youtube for trophys and ‘nothing but the snow’ is a trophy but to do that one according to this guide you have to complete 4 previous missions, ‘not alone’ being one!

That’s part of the trophy “outside in the distance” of Alpine unrest.

Ah I see what’s happened now. when I go to trophys whilst playing the game it was showing me all of them including the DLC stuff and I had some pinned, now I can see the trophy list for just the main game and just need 3 more and only have them pinned. Thanks mate.

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