Warehouse Ostervik - why can't I pick the picture?

That’s the question.

Maybe because it’s no collectable?

There are just two kinds of photos that may be picked up.

  1. safehouse photos at safehouses
  2. Vacation photos at Himfjäl
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Thats just a picture of a Harvester, doesnt count towards any collectibles.

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is it another freeze off, areas of the map LOCK down due to overwhelming activity and you interact with anything, can’t open car doors, can’t open house doors, interact with photos, dalie horses, etc, etc, etc, usually a sign that gnomes are around, the NORMAL ticks turn into gnomes because of the overwhelming activity in the area

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Thanks all - really? Is this manifestating? Remarkable!

But at the same time - a puzzle for users.
I read some collectables etc. were only available after killing enough enemies in the direct surroundings.

Which ones?
I can’t believe that. I never had issues like that.
That just counts maybe for mission items.

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