Warning! Here be Dragons

The Marshlands are crawling with Hunters. Large packs of Hunters. A quick pitstop to a bunker left me besieged by four of them, soon a posse of Runners joined in followed by those flying Seeker bots. Which attracted six more Hunters.

The aftermath

Then darkness fell, and I headed towards a nearby farm only to run straight into another pack of four Hunters. They chased me to the farm where I ran into a Tank, a Harvester, 4 Runners, six Seekers and an additional 8 (!) Hunters!

Another angle

I reckon I used 6 adrenaline shots, countless stacks of Medium medkits, grenades, EMP’s, some rockets and around 2000 rounds of 7,62 ammo.

Word of the wise: The Marshlands will murder you. Love this game :heart: