Was it something I said? (Physics bug, not drama)

I… don’t really have any words for this one. You guys will probably know better than I do about what happened here


This could be the beginning of a new religion :innocent:

I mean, I’m absolutely down, I off Harvesters daily, might be an interesting change to worship them instead~

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Is this Arrival 2 or something? :laughing:

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Looks like what is “normal” when using the shock effect on machines. First time I seen it with the EXP KVM 59 but the shock ammo causes these effects all the time.

It will cause machines to fly too! They will go up and not come down.

Huh! Must have been lucky (or unlucky, if you like seeing machines ascend~) as I use that MG as my primary, have for a long time now, but I’ve never seen a Harvester fly like that! The more you know~

Had it happen to me too but mine went up. And up. And up. Probably still going.

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