Way to dark on ps4

Hi all playing on ps4 here, night time seems to last so long and really too dark, we found to hard seeing anything at times. I have changed setting on tv but don’t want to have to change all the time.

Do you have the flashlight? If so, does it not provide enough light for night time in-game? You can always post screenshots or videos as well so we can see what you are seeing, which is always helpful!

I love how eerie night time can be but it does last a little too long IMO, spoils the scenery a bit. Also, sometimes I don’t want to enter a mission area knowing the entire experience is going to be spent in the dark with a flashlight.


Im on ps4 , seeing at night no problem , i only use torch when in bunkers or looting sheds , the moonlight should be sufficient , Maybe you need to press button’s on TV or monitor ,. PS u can keep hold of flares just don’t let go , they could do with duration being longer or indefinitely Alight while being held .

I’m not finding it so dark that I need the torch all the time really. I just wish the dark didn’t last as long as it does, just a little tweaking would be nice. I might feel like a dead man walking if I held out a flare as well lol.

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Darkness is your friend. :frowning:

I prefer darkness too.

Do you play in a dark room, sir?
That will surely help…?