Way too many first aid kits in game loot, makes players bullet sponges


I keep finding these simple, standard and advanced -first aid kit(s)
Every robot you kill there is always 1, couple of hours play and you easily end up like 100+ simple first aid kits in your inventory. Or you have 20+ standards or 10+ advanced kits.
No point to avoid damage because you can heal massive amounts of health easily.

Paramedics response pack, this first aid kit spam has made this item almost useless.
20 simple kits is even far more effective than carrying this thing around.
Little bonus is that area effect what it gives, but mostly cannot be utilised in combat situations.

Make the box give you 100% every use, and increase the usage time. And keep the area effect, make more of an choice versus first aid kits.


While I agree that first aid kits are plenty and easy to farm, I think as soon as you start taking on FNIX tanks and hunters you will also need a fair share on occasion, since the fights remain challenging. But I like your idea about being able to set loot abundance. :+1:


I 100% agree with the box idea. At this point it is less effective than 3 simple med kits.


I agree that FNIX encounter are dangerous, and usually causes rapid loss of health.
And from my own games i suffer lots of damage during these fights. Direct or indirect from environment hazards. But 10+ standards on your pack back you can have quite long fight before need to abandon it.
But the danger is somewhat mitigated because you now have truck container full of first aid kits.
If the amount where limited, you would need to consider abandoning fight, other tactics or laying out traps.

There are some reference in game guides to crafting, but its not implemented in game. Maybe if in future this comes to thing in this game.
Option to combine first aid kits would be nice, 5 simple to 1 standard, 5 standard to 1 advanced. Always having some loss on the ratio, to make it so there is choice at expense of inventory space.


You could choose not to pick them up.


One could choose only to pick up one type of first aid kits. If that still seems too easy, one could choose only to apply them in safe houses. Just a suggestion.

I seems like we all want to change some aspects of the game. And I really encourage and enjoy all these discussions. If guide the developers and sometimes provides new ideas. But we gamers have quite different expectations to the game. I would like to see more contents and map. I’m only using a few selected weapons, I never bike, and I practically never use lures or explosives. And I only change my outfit when I need to put on a gas mask. But I don’t mind that we have bikes, flares, fireworks, gas and air cannisters, sunglasses and painted nails, cassette players, Möller PP ammo, etc. - I simply just don’t use it :slightly_smiling_face:


Go fight some FNIX hunters, you’ll clear out your medkits real quick with them


By the way, I just checked … I have four first aid kits in my household. My medicine cupboard, my trekking gear, my car, and a spare. I estimate that minimum 50% of Danish households have at least one first aid kit. Knowing a bit about the Swedes I estimate that 100% of Swedish households have at least two first aid kits. I don’t think that you can buy a Volvo today that doesn’t come equipped with a first aid kit and a red button on the dashboard that calls for an ambulance when pressed. No, what we really need is heart starters so we can recuperate when we have died :wink:


I only pickup enough what i need, i don’t go pack rat.
Even ammunition i choose what take and what leave behind, and only desired type. To leave room for traps supplies.


I keep them in the Plundra and use them when I get to a Safe House down on health…


Yep. I leave behind 90% of the loot I come across now. The only things I will definitely pick up are adrenaline and weapons/attachments of better quality. Medkits and ammo and anything else only as I run low. I often throw away medkits and ammo if its not a full stack and its taking up a carrying slot.

I have developed a play style where I now only ever use guns and sometimes grenades so all the flares, lures, batteries and fuel tanks I ignore too. They were fun to use early on when I was exploring the game’s playing content but now I feel that an M49 rocket in the face or a full clip of 7.62 is better than messing about with traps and mines and such.

I am sure plenty of players enjoy all the fun ways to kill things but for me guns and bullets are my bread and butter :wink: