We got motorcycles, now we need cars

Sorry, I don’t understand your kind of english.
Now I really think that you believe that I don’t want cars in GZ… But I never said that. :thinking:

But it still doesnt really fit in the game. Why do you want vehicles so much? the map is so small and having a large car or buggy whould make the map really small. I think that maybe one small civilian car you fit, but it whould have to be non armoured and slow.


The two cars we already have in the game.
One for two players and one for four players.

They should be faster in total than the moped, maybe even as fast as the second fastest dlc-motorbike, but with slow acceleration, so that you need long and straight roads to get full speed.
Every obstacle and every small turn slows them down and on gras and dirt they become almost as slow as a bicycle.

Cars need to be refueled and repaired, too.

In general they should just be an option for travelling together with your team.

Everything else, like shooting abilities for passengers or storage, should be optional for the devs. A not necessary “maybe feature”.

Not more, not less.

I think the the Easter egg, the back to the future car parked in the barn, should be drivable :grinning: plus, a Hoverboard in the back of the floating car inside one of the briefcases or toolboxes, and some back to the future clothing to go with it

a pink and orange hoverboard from the back to the future 2 movie :smiley: Hoverboard that can float on the water

Wow. That’s an idea.
A time machine. If you enter it, you get set back to the time before the machines attack, or the time before the soviets came. Or back to the current time. That would be awesome.

the DLC would send you back in time, maybe 30 days before the machines first attacked, just to find out while doing the DLC, your the main reason why it all happened, it’s your fault, my fault, while doing the DLC, I was patient 0, then you go back to the current time

Oh yes. You find out that you forgot to plug off your toaster before you started your trip on the boat… That’s the reason, why the machines turned hostile. Then you travel back to finish what you began.

Instead of a car I would prefer to use a Stridsvagn 103 Tank, able to shoot the machine gun and main cannon.

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Yeah it is a really good late game vehicle. It is lore friendly and not ot fast like a normal car.

How is that any different from a dirt bike, would be nice to travel with your squad, like slower than the bikes but like really? It’s not small enough for a dirt bike but oh look out whenever a car is introduced Jesus it’s the end of the world and it’s too big for the map, even with a dirt bike the map still isn’t that small, a vehicle would be nice just to cruise around in with your squad.

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But it is still kinda too big for the map. And i think that the game is better when explored by foot. A car or something like that whould just be weak and loud.

At least not as weak and loud as the motorbikes.
But surely not as fast and as mobile as them.

We just can wait and hope if the devs plan something in this direction. I don’t really believe it, but I think it could be cool, if made well.

They don’t have to be a core feature, but they would offer some nice possibilities. If limited (by speed and drive abilities) to roads we would still be on foot most times.

let’s put a car in the game, just as a joke :rofl: , start the car and attract all firebirds in the area, and try driving away, just to get destroyed by all 15 firebirds shooting at you, lol lol lol

you turn on the car and every machine in 200 meters come running

I wonder if, if we do get cars eventually, another thread shows up named “Give us airplanes!”.

Right now, the game world is too small for cars, the devs have stated many times that they do not plan on adding driveable cars to the game due to a number of issues. Perhaps in the future, if the game opens up some more.

Me, I just want boats :smiley:


You want a boat, I just want to not sink like I was dropped into the water by a couple of mafia goons. I mean, ok, sure I’d sink if I was carrying the full 96kg, but at the beginning when you only have the ppk, lol. You were able to swim to the shore, but somehow you forgot how to swim upon arriving on the shore line.

Lol, yeah, you’re also not wrong. it would be ‘give us airplanes’ or ‘give us helicopters’ and even if the devs did give us one of those, the other group would demand their preferred option. There’s no way to make everyone happy, which makes it difficult to be a dev. There’s a few folks on youtube that I watch that specifically say that they don’t read the comments on their videos for the sole purpose of not having to deal with the constant arguments that some folks try to instigate. Not an easy job, even though they do such fantastic work. (Talking about our devs here with GZ.)


Let me swim. I’m not talking about really deep water swimming, but let me swim across short channels. None of the guns we have are particularly water-sensitive, the ammo, except for 12g shells, is waterproof, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to slowly cross deeper water.

As for cars, trucks, and helicopters, I’m gonna say no. They all have different reasons for being rejected.

Cars: Cars belong on roads. Take a GOOD look at the roads in GZ. Do they look free of potholes, obstructions, and debris? No? Ok, use a motor/bike.

Trucks: CarsX20. Trucks don’t do well off-roading. They’re heavy and get stuck in the mud a lot. That’s why tanks were invented for warfare, and they have a similar issue with some terrain. GZ’s terrain is broken, obstructed, and trees bigger than saplings don’t yield to being hit by a truck very much. Have you ever managed to get a tank trapped in a small copse of trees? Me, too. So funny to watch them spin around trying to find the right way back out again while firing wildly at you. Kernal Panic indeed. No trucks.

Helicopters: Garage Queens. They need major maintenance after every flight, and are a high wire, juggling, and lion taming act all at the same time just to fly. Basically put, no kid is going to find a helicopter and have even the foggiest idea how to fly it. “OK, so ten out of ten for style, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?”

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I’ll join in, I’d also love this. Having a single vehicle so other players can just jump in and we can move together in a more organized matter.

It could work just as the bikes, make some of the garages in world have a ‘station’ were you can spawn the cars. If you want to add difficulties, make it so you use have to actually use resources every time you want to spawn one, for those saying it would be too use to just move around in a car. Make it so you have to not only fuel it and make basic reparations, but also ‘repair the tires’ individually, if you decide to go off the road.